Natural products aquarium: Natural care for your freshwater biotope

The importance of peat in the aquarium

Peat in the aquarium softens the water and lowers the pH value, simulating the natural living conditions of many fish species. Choosing the right peat product is crucial here:

Peat fibre mix and black peat granules: essential products for breeding and care

Our peat fibre mix combines the properties of white and black peat and thus creates optimum conditions for breeding substrate spawners. Like all our other peat products, peat fibres also reduce carbonate hardness and pH to a lesser extent and also release valuable humic and mineral substances into the aquarium water. With its particularly strong effect on water softening, black peat granulate contributes to the stability of the aquarium environment and supports the natural resistance of your fish to external influences.

Peat in use: application and advantages

The use of peat in the aquarium has a number of advantages. These include

  • Natural water softening and pH value reduction
  • Prevention of algae growth and fungal infestation
  • Promotion of fish health and colour intensity

In addition to the very popular peat products, our other natural products are also very popular with our customers. Natural products are particularly indispensable in shrimp aquariums, but in principle they can enrich almost any type of aquarium.

Tropical almond tree leaves: a natural protective shield for your aquarium inhabitants

Tropical almond leaves are another cornerstone in our portfolio of natural products. The leaves and bark of this tree are known for their mild tannins, which protect the mucous membranes of the fish and help them to strengthen their own resistance to pathogens.

Possible uses and benefits for your aquarium

Tropical almond leaves offer

  • Protection of the mucous membranes
  • Natural prevention against bacteria and fungi
  • Support for a healthy aquarium ecosystem

Tropical almond tree bark aquamax: Natural protection for your fish

Tropical almond bark has a long tradition in aquaristics as a natural means of improving water quality and protecting fish. Our product tropical almond bark aquamax tropical almond bark epitomises this heritage with a pure, unadulterated natural product.

Tropical almond bark aquamax: advantages in detail

The tannins in tropical almond bark offer several benefits:

  • They have an astringent effect and protect the mucous membranes of the fish
  • They contribute to the natural defence against bacteria and fungi
  • They support a healthy aquarium environment by stabilising the pH value

Moringa leaves: The superfood supplement for your aquarium inhabitants

Moringa leaves are considered a wonder of nature. In our range, they are an excellent food supplement that supports the vitality and immune system of aquarium inhabitants. Moringa leaves DRAK are carefully selected and offer a high nutrient density, making them a premium food supplement for shrimps and fish.

Premium quality Moringa leaves DRAK

Moringa leaves from DRAK-Aquaristik are controlled pesticide-free and offer an impressive variety of vitamins and proteins. This potent mixture not only promotes the health of your aquarium inhabitants, but also has a preventative effect against numerous diseases.

Benefits of Moringa leaves in the aquarium

Moringa leaves bring the following benefits to your aquarium:

  • Support for the immune system of aquarium inhabitants
  • High antioxidant content
  • Promotion of general health and growth

Mulberry leaves: Natural source of nutrients for shrimp and fish

In addition to moringa leaves, mulberry leaves also play an important role in the diet of aquarium inhabitants. The Mulberry leaves offered by DRAK-Aquaristik are of the highest quality and provide a wealth of nutrients that are essential for the healthy development of shrimps and bottom-dwelling fish.

Mulberry leaves DRAK in premium quality

Mulberry leaves are an excellent addition to the daily feed and provide a wide range of nutrients. They are also pesticide-free and therefore guarantee safe and healthy feeding.

Benefits of mulberry leaves for aquarium inhabitants

The use of mulberry leaves in your aquarium supports

  • Digestive health
  • The colourfulness of the animals
  • A natural source of vitamins and minerals

Discover more carefully processed natural products from DRAK:

Banana leaf pieces DRAK: In Europe still an insider tip among aquarists, dried banana leaves have already been used successfully by some European breeders for some time. Banana leaves from DRAK are harvested and treated just as carefully as our tropical almond tree leaves and are free from pesticides and harmful bacteria. For general disease prevention, colour improvement and to promote well-being, but also for intensive treatment against diseases or to promote spawning.

Alder cones DRAK: They are ideal for tropical aquarium fish and are particularly recommended for heavily stocked aquaria. The dried alder cones / alder suppositories matured on the tree have a preventative effect against fungi and infections and form a natural mucous membrane protection thanks to humic and tanning agents. Due to their small size, they are particularly suitable for nano tanks.

Jackfruit tree leaves DRAK: A welcome change in the diet of your loricariid catfish or invertebrates such as shrimps, crabs or crayfish. Thanks to their coarse and firm structure, they are more durable than other leaves such as mulberry or banana and are therefore particularly suitable for aquascaping tanks.

With this carefully selected range of natural products, DRAK-Aquaristik enables you to bring the benefits of nature directly into your aquarium. A careful selection of ingredients and the transparent declaration of all ingredients characterise our products and reflect our philosophy - quality and the well-being of your aquarium inhabitants always take centre stage.

Company and philosophy: DRAK-Aquaristik Dr Andreas Kremser

At DRAK-Aquaristik, we attach great importance not only to selling products, but also to representing a brand that stands for outstanding quality and comprehensive knowledge in aquaristics. Our aim is to maximise the well-being of your aquarium inhabitants with our natural products such as peat for the aquarium and other high-quality materials.

Our commitment to quality

The use of peat in aquariums reflects our commitment to providing you with products that are characterised by the following points:

  • Use of high-quality raw materials for the health of your fish
  • In-house development and production of many products in the range
  • Complete transparency and declaration of all ingredients

Customer service and support

DRAK-Aquaristik stands for premium products and customer-orientated service. We offer

  • Personal advice by e-mail or telephone
  • An informative forum for exchanging ideas with like-minded people
  • Detailed instructions and guides to optimise the use of our products

We invite you to browse through our online shop and convince yourself of the quality and effectiveness of our natural products . DRAK-Aquaristik - where nature and science go hand in hand for your aquarium.