Essential accessories for every freshwater aquarium

Among other things, we focus on filter material for aquariums, an indispensable element for clear and healthy water. The right choice and use of aquarium accessories can make the difference between an average and an exceptional aquarium. Find out more about the importance of high-quality accessories and how they can improve the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants and the aesthetics of your aquarium.

A wide range of aquarium accessories at DRAK-Aquaristik

At DRAK-Aquaristik, we understand that every aquarium is unique and has specific needs. That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of accessories to support every aspect of your aquarium hobby. Here is an overview of our diverse range:

  • Aquascaping tools: For creating a stunning underwater landscape. Our selection of aquascaping tools enables precise work and encourages creativity in your aquarium.
  • CO₂ supplies: Essential for healthy plant growth. We offer a variety of CO₂ systems and diffusers to ensure an optimal supply for your aquatic plants.
  • Dosing units: Accuracy is crucial for maintaining ideal water values. Our dosing units help you to precisely dose nutrients and additives.
  • Filtration: Filter socks and filter materials are essential for clear and healthy aquarium water. Our high-quality filter products ensure optimum water quality.
  • Calibration and cleaning accessories: For the longevity and accuracy of your equipment. We offer products for easy maintenance and calibration of your aquarium equipment.

These products represent only a part of our extensive range of aquarium accessories. Each product has been carefully selected and tested to ensure it meets our high quality standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about aquarium accessories

  • How often should I change the filter material in my aquarium?
    The frequency of replacement depends on various factors, including the stocking density and the type of filter fleece. We recommend checking the filter material regularly and changing it when necessary.
  • Why is a CO₂ diffuser important for my aquarium?
    A CO₂ diffuser ensures an even and efficient distribution of CO₂ in the water, which is essential for the growth and health of aquarium plants.
  • How do I choose the right mixed bed resin for my aquarium?
    The choice depends on your specific water values and the needs of your aquarium. We will be happy to advise you to find the right product for your requirements.

About DRAK-Aquaristik

At DRAK-Aquaristik, we emphasise the highest quality and innovation. Our products, from filter fleece for aquariums to specialised CO₂ diffusers, are made from high-quality raw materials and carefully tested to achieve the best results in your aquarium. Our aim is not to make the maximum profit, but to optimise products and provide the best possible service. We are proud that many of our products are produced in-house and offer full transparency about our ingredients. If you have any questions, we are always available by email, phone or in our forum. Trust in our expertise and passion for aquaristics.