filtAS filter filling material 500 ml

  • One of the best filter materials currently available on the market
  • Very high colonisation surface for helpful bacteria
  • Specially designed by filtAS to meet the requirements of aquariums and, by the way, also ponds and packed in handy 500 ml nets
  • One net is sufficient for a 50 litre basin. For larger tanks, simply order the corresponding number of nets.

In contrast to many common filter materials, the filtAS filter filling material is made of plasticiser-free, high-quality polyethylene, is pH and hardness neutral, and is resistant to rot and fungal growth. Therefore, neither plasticisers nor other toxic substances can be released. The material also does not harden over time.

The small, gear-like shape of the filling material increases the colonisation surface, making it suitable for even the smallest filters. The "light" filling in the filter container improves the flow rate of the water, so no oxygen-consuming mulch pockets form. The large, porous surface offers filter bacteria an optimal colonisation area, which is why the otherwise annoying filter cleaning can be reduced to a few times a year. This is done in no time at all by simply rinsing the filter under running water!

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22 June 2018 16:55

Super ...


31 March 2020 07:31

Sehr gut!!!

Absolut empfehlenswert und von der Handhabung exakt wie in der Produktbeschreibung aufgeführt.

7 July 2020 09:27

Machen einen sehr guten Eindruck

Bin gespannt wie sie sich im Alltag bewähren. Habe gleich noch zusätzliche bestellt.

28 October 2023 22:11

Gutes Produkt

Netz der Filterkörper nicht zu klein, daher gutes einsetzen in die Filterkörbe. Aquarium läuft mit Filterwatte und den filtAS Filterfüllkörpern ohne Probleme. Mal sehen wie lange sie ihre Form halten.


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