Water Conditioner

Our water conditioners Aquadrakon Black, Aquadrakon EL and Visidrakon

1. Aquadrakon Black and pH

Does Aquadrakon Black affect the pH value?

The new Aquadrakon Black is pH-neutral and have practically no effect on the pH in the pool with the specified dosage.

2. Differences between Aquadrakon Black and Aquadrakon EL?

Due to its composition (humic substances), Aquadrakon Black is not suitable for seawater and relatively unsuitable for the rift valley lakes (Lake Malawi / Tanganyika).

Aquadrakon Black is the premium compound for tropical soft water and for plant pools.
A number of important substances are added to the fresh water:
iodine, vitamins, mucous membrane protection, humic substances, potassium etc.

These substances are important for improving the water quality of fish, plants and bacterial cultures in the filter and substrate.

Aquadrakon EL has a completely different active principle, as described on the product page. No dissolved substances are added to the water. However, the mineral suspension has various properties which make it suitable for fresh water preparation.
This suspension has a major effect via irreversible adsorption and catalytic decomposition of unwanted substances.

Aquadrakon EL therefore appears to be particularly suitable for fish farms, fish ponds without plants, garden ponds, Malawi and Tanganyika ponds and seawater aquariums.

3. How long can Aquadrakon Black be kept?

If unopened, Aquadrakon Black can be kept for at least 3 years from the date of production.

After opening, Aquadrakon Black should be used within six months if possible. Please buy containers which you can use within this period of time.
If this is not possible, fill your daily requirement into smaller containers and only open the storage container when necessary.

Due to its own coloring, the black solution provides also optimum protection of the vitamins against light.

The sediment in the bottles and canisters contains a certain amount of humic substance and can be very easily suspended by briefly tilting or shaking once.