About DRAK-Aquaristik

DRAK-Aquaristik Dr. Andreas Kremser is a sole proprietorship, founded in January 2000 by Dr. Andreas Kremser, which has been has run by him continuously since that date.

He studied chemistry from 1983 to 1994 at the University of Stuttgart, and he graduated there in 1994 from the Institute of Organic Chemistry with his doctoral thesis on the topic of the application of enzymes in organic synthesis.
His passion as an aquarist developed from his primary school days, and over the years he has had the opportunity to learn a whole variety of aspects of this fascinating hobby. As with many others, his interest began with viviparous toothcarps (platies, guppies, etc.), he followed colourful tetras and endearing cories to South America, then going on to make a longer stay at the lakes of the East African rift (Malawi, Tanganyika) studying the cichlid group, so important to evolutionary biology.

Dr. Andreas Kremser

After this followed a diversion into the plant kingdom. Here the focus was on fast-growing, demanding stem plants, which have their own requirements regarding water parameters and nutrients.

Dissatisfied with the available range of fertilisers for aquatic plants and other preparations for the dedicated aquarist and connoisseur of aquatic plants, he used his chemical training first to gather as many facts as possible on the supply of nutrients to plants (both generally and in particular for specific conditions to which aquatic plants are subjected), in order to apply these in the conceptual and practical improvement of these preparations.

In this his aim was never the maximisation of profit, but the optimization of the products, as far as is possible under the technical and economic conditions of a small company. Raw materials that are both essential and beneficial are used, even if they might cost a few cents more. The customers, and the animals and plants tended by them, will be grateful for this.

To this day, the majority of products are self-produced in-house. Only in exceptional circumstances is it possible to commission products in accordance with DRAK-Aquaristik standards. DRAK-Aquaristik could therefore be described as a manufacturer, in the best sense of the word.