Aquarium water care: Comprehensive solutions for your aquarium water

Important aspects of water care

  • Regular water changes: Regular water changes are essential to ensure optimum water quality.
  • Checking the water values: Monitoring the pH value, hardness and other important parameters is important for the health of the aquarium inhabitants.
  • Use of water care products: Products such as humic acids, filter bacteria and phosphate binders support care and maintain the balance in the aquarium.

Product variety and personalised advice at DRAK-Aquaristik

DRAK-Aquaristik is characterised by an extensive selection of products for aquarium water care that are tailored to the needs of freshwater and saltwater aquariums. In addition to high-quality products, the company also offers personalised consulting services to ensure that you find the optimum product for your specific aquarium needs. Here you will find, in the broadest sense, all preparations for water care, i.e. for influencing and changing water parameters (water values) or the microbiology of the aquarium, unless they are already listed in other product groups (e.g. hardening salts). Three products that we would like to recommend to you for optimum water quality are humic acids , filter bacteria and phosphate binders for your aquarium.

Buy humic acids: A key element for healthy aquarium water

Humic acids play a crucial role in the health and balance of aquarium systems. They influence the pH value and water hardness and promote the growth and well-being of your aquarium inhabitants. Before purchasing humic acids, it is important to consider only products with ingredients of high quality and purity, as these directly influence the biological environment in the aquarium.

Selection criteria for high-quality humic acids

  • Purity of ingredients: Make sure that the humic acids are free from harmful substances and undesirable additives.
  • Manufacturing process: The quality of humic acids depends heavily on the manufacturing process. Products from DRAK-Aquaristik are produced under strict quality controls.
  • Adaptation to different aquarium types: Depending on whether you have a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, the humic acids should be selected accordingly.

Fulvodrakon: Concentrated fulvic and humic acids for your aquarium

If you want to buy high-quality humic acids, Fulvodrakon is an excellent option. This product contains essential fulvic and humic acids, which are very important for all the inhabitants of your aquarium. These acids help to increase the agility and well-being of the aquarium inhabitants and are suitable for both the acclimatisation phase and regular operation.

Important properties and benefits of Fulvodrakon

  • Essential humic substances: Fulvodrakon is rich in important fulvic and humic acids, which are found in natural waters and are crucial for the health of aquarium inhabitants.
  • Versatile application: The product is suitable for all aquarium inhabitants and supports both in the quarantine of new arrivals and in regular aquarium operation.
  • Positive effects: Humic acids contribute to improving the quality of life of aquarium inhabitants. They increase vitality, colourfulness and general well-being and even have a positive effect on the reproduction and healthy growth of the animals.
  • Naturally obtained: The raw material for fulvodracon is gently extracted from a groundwater source, which ensures good bioavailability and suitability for aquariums and aquaculture.

Fulvodrakon is an indispensable product for every aquarist who wants to buy high-quality humic acids and add essential humic substances to their aquarium in a natural way . The numerous positive feedbacks from users confirm the effectiveness and the many benefits of this product.

Aquarium filter bacteria: the foundation for a natural ecosystem

Filter bacteria are essential for a healthy aquarium ecosystem. They help to stabilise the biological balance by breaking down harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite. The correct selection and care of these bacteria are crucial for the water quality and therefore for the well-being of the aquarium inhabitants. The filter bacteria and nutrient solution for bacteria from filtAS have proven themselves over many years of practical use. Another product that is ideal for starting up new aquariums and filters is Bactedrakon filter bacteria. The specially formulated, purely natural mixture of various nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria is indispensable for the biological balance in the water.

Role and benefits of filter bacteria in the aquarium

  • Degradation of harmful substances: Filter bacteria convert ammonia and nitrite into less harmful substances.
  • Promotion of water quality: A healthy bacterial flora contributes to clear and clean water.
  • Supporting the biological balance: They are essential for the natural balance in the aquarium.

Application and tips for optimum results

  • Regular addition: Regular addition of filter bacteria is recommended for a permanently stable ecosystem.
  • Correct dosage: Follow the dosage instructions exactly to achieve the best results.
  • Combination with other water care products: Filter bacteria in the aquarium can be used in combination with other maintenance products such as humic acids to further improve water quality.

DRAK Phosphareduc: Efficient phosphate removal for clear aquarium water

DRAK Phosphareduc phosphate binder is a highly effective adsorber granulate based on iron(III) hydroxide that has been specially developed for the irreversible removal of phosphates from aquariums and ponds. This product plays a central role in algae prevention by removing one of the main nutrients from the algae.

Application and mode of action

DRAK Phosphareduc Phosphate Binder is suitable for use in freshwater, seawater and ponds. Before use, it should be rinsed thoroughly in water to remove any remaining dust particles and to avoid turbidity. It is recommended to place the phosphate binder in the aquarium or pond in such a way that the granules are well surrounded by water, for example in a pot filter.

Advantages of DRAK Phosphareduc phosphate binder in aquariums and ponds

  • Reliable reduction of phosphate levels: By binding phosphates, their concentration in aquariums and ponds is effectively reduced.
  • High effectiveness at low cost: The product offers an efficient solution for controlling phosphate levels without high costs.
  • High loading rates: Thanks to its highly porous surface, the granules can bind a large amount of phosphates.
  • Easy handling: The granules are packaged in a tear-resistant polypropylene fleece and are ready to use and easy to handle. If not, a filter sock is supplied.

The DRAK Phosphareduc phosphate binder for aquariums and ponds is therefore an excellent choice for aquarists looking for an efficient and user-friendly solution for controlling phosphate levels and preventing algae. We recommend Carbodrakon - Special Activated Carbon Pellets for the rapid removal of medication residues as well as yellow and toxic substances.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about aquarium water care

How often should I add humic acids to my aquarium?

The frequency of adding humic acids depends on various factors such as the size of the aquarium, the number of fish and plants and the water quality. A general recommendation is to adjust the dosage according to the product instructions and to carry out regular water value tests.

Can filter bacteria be combined with other water care products?

Yes, filter bacteria can be used in combination with other water care products such as humic acids and water clarifiers. However, it is important to follow the instructions for each product and ensure that they are compatible with each other.

How do I choose the right water care product for my aquarium?

Choosing the right water care product depends on various factors such as the type of aquarium (freshwater or saltwater), the living organisms present and the specific needs of the water. DRAK-Aquaristik offers personalised advice to help you choose the right product.

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