Carbodrakon - Special Activated Carbon Pellets 3 mm

Special active carbon pellets for aquaria and animal care

For rapid removal of medication residues, yellowing matter and toxins

Carbodrakon is a specially prepared grade of activated carbon, for use in treatment of water for aquaria and other marine applications. The pellet shape (Ø 3 mm) ensures easy handling and good flow. The combination of a highly developed surface area, with a high purity and neutral pH value, meet all the criteria required for safe environments in both cold and tropical water species aquaculture, including reef formation systems, and commercial fisheries. The high purity of this material means the leaching of phosphates (associated with excessive algal fouling) is negligible.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid adsorption kinetics
  • High purity
  • Negligible phosphate leach
  • Neutralised surface pH
  • Rapid pH stablisation
  • Very high resistance to attrition
  • Negligible carbon losses
  • Homogenous activation of pellets
  • Extruded product
  • Low dust content


  • Iodine number: min. 900 mg/g
  • Total ash content: max. 6 %
  • Moisture content: max. 5 %
  • Apparent density: 480 – 550 kg/m³
  • Ball pan hardness: min. 95 %
  • pH: 5 - 7 *

* The manufacturing process for this product to generate the high purity grade results in a slightly acidic ph value when goods are supplied. Rinsing the carbon with 5 bed volumes of water before use will equilibrate the ph value to that of the water to be treated. This is recommended in all cases before water is processed by this media type.

Typical Properties

  • Surface area (BET N₂) 1000 m²/g

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