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Duradrakon - The centrepiece of water treatment

Duradrakon is more than just a simple hardening salt for aquariums, it is a precise solution for aquariums with demanding water quality requirements. Ideal for use in reverse osmosis (RO) or demineralised (DI) water, Duradrakon provides balanced hardening (TH + CH), for which the presence of a CO2 system is important. This finely tuned formulation ensures that your aquarium water has an optimum total salt concentration for your aquatic inhabitants to thrive.

Duradrakon TH-Plus - the specialist for total hardness

In aquaristics, total hardness (TH) plays a decisive role in the well-being and health of aquarium inhabitants. Duradrakon TH-Plus was developed to precisely increase the total hardness without disturbing the biological balance. This product is ideal for all types of tanks, but especially for shrimp, crayfish and Malawi tanks. The special formulation of Duradrakon TH-Plus ensures that your aquatic inhabitants live in an environment that is as close as possible to their natural living conditions.

Duradrakon T TH-Plus - Perfectly matched to Tanganyika tanks

Duradrakon T TH-Plus hardening salt for aquariums is the first choice for fans of Tanganyika tanks. This special variant of Duradrakon is tailored to the unique needs of tanganyika tanks and contains a particularly high magnesium content. This is essential to create the specific water conditions necessary for the health and growth of Tanganyika inhabitants. With Duradrakon T TH-Plus you can ensure that your Tanganyika tank is optimised to meet the needs of its inhabitants.

Duradrakon CH-Plus - Precise adjustment of the carbonate hardness

The carbonate hardness (CH) is the key factor for the stability of the pH value in the aquarium. Duradrakon CH-Plus enables a targeted increase in CH to ensure a stable and healthy environment for your aquarium inhabitants. This product is particularly recommended for shrimp, crayfish and East African tanks, where the CH plays a central role. With Duradrakon CH-Plus you can be confident that your aquarium water will always provide the optimum conditions for your aquatic inhabitants to thrive.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about aquarium hardening salt

To provide you with the best possible support, we have compiled a collection of the most frequently asked questions about hardness salts. Here you will find answers and practical tips on how to use our products to get the best out of your aquarium.

  • What is the main purpose of hardness salts in the aquarium?
    Softening salts increase the total and carbonate hardness of the water, which is crucial for the stability of the pH value and the well-being of specific aquatic inhabitants.
  • When should I use Duradrakon TH-Plus?
    Duradrakon TH-Plus is ideal for increasing the total hardness in all types of tanks, especially shrimp, crayfish and Malawi tanks.
  • What makes Duradrakon T TH-Plus particularly suitable for Tanganyika tanks?
    It contains an increased magnesium content, which is necessary for the specific requirements of tanganyika tanks.
  • Why is it so important to choose the right hardening salt for the aquarium?
    The right choice ensures that the water fulfils the specific needs of your aquarium inhabitants and contributes to the health and longevity of the biotope.
  • How can I ensure that I dose the hardening salt correctly?
    Follow the instructions on the packaging and use regular water analyses to keep the water values in the ideal range.

Customised solutions for every aquarium - Duradrakon products and Sealutions mineral salt

Every aquarium is unique and has its own specific needs. That's why our Duradrakon products offer a variety of solutions to fulfil the most diverse requirements. Whether you are a shrimp and crayfish tank enthusiast or exploring the majestic world of Malawi and East Africa tanks, our hardening salts will ensure that your water is perfectly matched to the needs of your specific inhabitants.
Finally, a tip for anyone who supplies their aquarium with calcium, magnesium, carbonate hardness and trace elements using the balling method: reach for Sealution's mineral salt. The sodium chloride or table salt-free sea salt provides the third component that ensures a balanced ion balance in the balling method. It is also very suitable for supplying trace elements and hardening fresh water.