Filling and cushioning - Environmentally friendly as possible

For this we prefer to use cut paper, which we produce ourselves from the ample (daily) newspapers, catalogs, advertising flyers, etc that accumulate here.
Since we don't take the material from the recycling loop, but add an additional level of use, this approach is extremely environmentally friendly and ecologically and economically sensible.

For the same reasons, we use used cardboard wherever possible and all filling materials received in our purchases, such as air cushions and cushioning chips of all kinds.
If used material is not available in sufficient quantities and paper cutting is not an option for weight or technical reasons, we use either soft corrugated roll cardboard or packaging chips (Flupis®) made of paper foam (both based on recycled paper) to cushion your goods.

We mark shipments that have been packaged exclusively plastic-free (down to the paper tape used) with a sticker and work hard to further increase the rate of these shipments.

Flupis® is made from 100% recycled fibres. In the resource-saving production process, the paper-fibre-starch mixture is expanded to many times its original volume by means of steam.
The filling material can be conveniently disposed of with household or organic waste or simply with the waste paper. It dissolves completely in water or in nature after a short time.

Plastic-free packaging