Aquarium fertiliser: The basis for a flourishing aquarium life

DRAK-Aquaristik: A manufacturer of premium aquarium fertilisers

The uniqueness of DRAK-Aquaristik lies in our product philosophy. Unlike many large suppliers, we produce the majority of our products in-house. We rarely resort to contract manufacturing and only if these strictly fulfil our specifications. DRAK-Aquaristik can be described as a manufactory in the best sense of the word, whereby our mission is clearly defined: to optimise our products under the technical and economic conditions of a small company. Instead of trying to cut corners, we use the necessary and most useful raw materials, even if they cost a little more. It is this care and dedication that ensures that our aquarium fertiliser makes the difference.

Advantages of in-house production at DRAK-Aquaristik

  • Our in-house production processes allow us to pay special attention to every stage of production. This enables us to
  • Tight quality control of our products
  • The use of premium raw materials for all products
  • Rapid adjustments and innovations based on customer feedback
  • A high level of transparency and reliability that we can offer our customers

In the deep waters of DRAK-Aquaristik you will not only find simple aquarium fertilisers. Here you will find solutions based on decades of expertise and dedication.

Aquarium plant fertiliser: the specialised supply for aquarium flora

The correct care of aquarium plants requires detailed knowledge of their specific nutrient requirements. Based on extensive research and analysis, DRAK-Aquaristik has developed a range of specialised aquarium plant fertilisers that are precisely tailored to the needs of different types of aquarium.

Complete iron fertiliser: an essential source of micronutrients

DRAK-Aquaristik's complete iron fertiliser is a high-quality complete fertiliser for aquariums. This fertiliser ensures that all micronutrients essential for plant growth as well as potassium and magnesium are present in sufficient quantities. Iron, as an indicator of the overall trace nutrient supply, plays a central role here. The macronutrients nitrate and phosphate, which are already present in many aquariums due to fish and food, are deliberately not included in these fertilisers.

Daydrakon daily fertiliser: special solution for increased iron requirements

In special scenarios, such as the use of trickle filters, UV water clarifiers or extremely strong plant growth due to intensive lighting, an increased iron requirement can occur. This is where the Daydrakon daily fertiliser comes into play, which serves as a supplement to the Ferrdrakon complete iron fertiliser and allows precise dosing.

Complete aquarium fertiliser: long-term and permanent supply solutions

The long-term care of aquarium plants requires fertilisation methods that ensure a constant and even release of nutrients. DRAK-Aquaristik offers innovative solutions that respond to both short and long-term requirements.

The Power Fertiliser System

This system ensures that the two macronutrient fertilisers Eudrakon P Power and Eudrakon N Power are released into the aquarium water at a constant rate over a period of two months. Additional liquid fertiliser is only required during water changes.

Evolution fertiliser system: Intelligent automation for your aquarium

The Evolution fertiliser system represents a technological advancement in aquarium care. It dynamically adjusts the dosage of the complete iron fertiliser to the overall aquarium configuration. Regardless of factors such as planting, growth rate, lighting or filtration, this system ensures an optimum supply. This makes time-consuming water tests a thing of the past, as the system's intelligent components calculate and add the correct amount of fertiliser.

Aquarium plant fertiliser: adaptation to specific requirements

Even in a well-established and well-maintained aquarium, conditions can change that make it necessary to make special adjustments to the fertiliser. DRAK-Aquaristik offers special aquarium fertilisers for these scenarios.

Macronutrient fertilisers: additional supply for special conditions

In heavily planted and intensively lit tanks with moderate to low fish populations, certain nutrients may be lacking. This is where the macronutrient fertilisers from DRAK-Aquaristik offer a targeted supplement:

  • Nitrogen(Eudrakon N): Indispensable for plant growth and often in short supply in aquaria with a small fish population.
  • Phosphorus (phosphate)(Eudrakon P): An often underestimated but essential nutrient.
  • Potassium(Ferrdrakon K): Indispensable for certain plant species.

Symptoms such as short stature, purple colouring due to anthocyanin formation or slower growth can indicate a deficiency of these macronutrients.

Recognising nutrient deficiencies

Close observation of aquarium plants makes it possible to recognise signs of nutrient deficiencies at an early stage. Yellowing of the leaves or the gradual onset of algae growth may indicate that fertilisation needs to be adjusted.

The team of experts at DRAK-Aquaristik is on hand to offer advice and customised solutions for every aquarium. Please contact our customer service team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products. For general aquaristic problems and questions, we have set up our own support forum* where aquarists can support each other with valuable advice.

* Alternatively: Facebook DRAK-Aquaristik group

Complete aquarium fertiliser: An all-round supply for every situation

The right choice of complete fertiliser for aquariums ensures that all the necessary micronutrients as well as potassium and magnesium are present. Iron plays a key role here as an indicator for the overall trace nutrient supply. Our specially developed products, such as the complete iron fertiliser Ferrdrakon, provide a complete supply without the need to add the macronutrients nitrate and phosphate. In most aquariums with fish, a sufficient supply of these substances is already ensured by feeding the fish.

Customised solutions for special conditions

It is not unusual for aquarists to encounter special challenges, such as an increased iron requirement, which can be triggered by trickle filters or UV water clarifiers. The daily fertiliser Daydrakon has been specially developed to meet such special requirements and to supplement the basic supply of Ferrdrakon complete iron fertiliser.

Quality and expertise from DRAK-Aquaristik

DRAK-Aquaristik not only stands for high-quality products, but also for in-depth expertise in the field of aquaristics. As a modern manufacturer, we focus on optimising our products, always using the best raw materials - even if this involves additional costs. Our main concern is to ensure the best possible care and development for aquarium plants and animals. Our customers and their pets thank us for this with splendid growth and health.


When it comes to aquarium care, the correct supply of nutrients is of crucial importance. Whether you need a universal aquarium fertiliser or specialised aquarium plant fertilisers, DRAK-Aquaristik has the right solution for your needs. With our scientific approach and commitment to quality, we are always on hand to help aquarists.