Eudrakon N Power 100 - Permanent Nitrate Supply

Nitrate Supplement Fertilizer - Long-term fertilizer - continual addition of nitrate

Some intensively planted and lighted pools with a moderate till low fish population need, in comparison to the majority of typical aquariums, a supplement to the basic food stuff nitrogen - N resp. nitrate - NO3.

With Eudrakon N Power, you don't have to deal with liquids on a daily basis, but can conveniently let the cubes in the net bag do the work. The fertilizer reserve consists of no more than half a hand-full of material, ready for application and packaged in a plastic mesh-bag. The material system (aquafim®) itself is non-soluble and does not give-up any undesired substances into the water. Once in usage, day after day a measured amount of fertilizer is released. Through this constant steady release there is no so-called “increased step of concentration”, what has a positive effect on both plants and animals - and all that without having to purchase an expensive and sensitive electro-mechanical dosage pump.
In this way competition between different, difficult and sensitive aquatic plants may be reliably and easily avoided. Because the nutrients are almost continuously available, no plant is any longer in a position to snatch away nutrients to another’s disadvantage, i.e. consume them faster than its rivals.

  • Discharge time 2 months
  • Discharge amount per mesh bag: 100 mg nitrate (absolute) per day
  • Additionally 12,7 mg magnesium and 22,1 mg potassium are released
  • Active ingredients: potassium nitrate, magnesium nitrate

The desired nitrate concentration ranges between 8 and 15 mg/l. More than that is only rarely necessary and usually only promotes algae growth unnecessarily.
When changing the water, it is a good idea to fertilize the fresh water with Eudrakon N solution as recommended. This will compensate for the nitrate removed with the water change.
Before the first usage flush through well using fresh water.

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16 December 2022 07:45

Funktioniert aber recht teuer

Ich hatte praktisch NO3 immer NULL. Ich habe Becken, die laufen damit sehr gut, gerade meine 55 & 30Liter kleinen Aquarien. Dort habe ich immer bei der Messung Nitrat NULL, trotzdem wächst und gedeiht es, fast ohne Algen. Mein 350er ist aber eine Diva. Dort läuft es nicht 100% Rund. Manche Pflanzen schwächeln, im oberen Bereich ab und zu so ne Schmieralgen und auch Nitrat Null. Die Wurzeln vom Froschbiss und Schwimmreis veralgen. Leitungswasser hat einen Nitratgehalt von reichlich 10, hab das gesamte Wasser dann mit Eudrakon N auf ca. 15-20mg NO3 aufgedüngt und 2 Beuter von dem Eudrakon N Power 100 in den Filter gelegt. Hab seitdem stabile 10-15mg Nitrat im Becken. Es ist recht teuer, ja, dafür ein Stern Abzug. Zweite Variante wäre die Dosierpumpe (Einkanal-Dosierpumpe SD-01M) mit Eudrakon N zu verwenden.

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