Buy fish food: Premium quality for your freshwater aquarium

Producing high-quality fish food is a science in itself, which we have elevated to an art form with our expertise.

Your advantages when buying food from DRAK-Aquaristik

  • Quality promise: Only high-quality components are used to produce our food, ensuring unrivalled quality.
  • Nutritional value: We focus on high digestibility to keep the water in your aquarium clear and uncontaminated.
  • Variety: From freeze-dried bloodworms to specialised food pellets for invertebrates and fish, our range is comprehensive and varied.

Our range: A variety of high-quality food

Buying fish food from DRAK-Aquaristik means choosing a range of foods that have been specially designed for aquariums. Our FD Premium Quality Bloodworms are gently freeze-dried and offer a natural diet that your fish will love. The mosquito larvae in our Canned Bloodworms 100 g tin, on the other hand, have been preserved directly in the tin using high-pressure heat sterilisation and are ideal for users who have problems handling or obtaining frozen or live food.

Buy fish food online: Simple, fast and reliable

Are you looking for a reliable source to buy high-quality fish food? Our website is designed to help you find exactly what you need in just a few clicks. Whether you're shopping for your shrimp or ornamental fish, our detailed product descriptions and intuitive design make it easy to purchase your fish food online. With us, you are guaranteed not to receive cheap food or overstocked products that are harmful to the animals' metabolism and liver. At DRAK-Aquaristik, your purchase will be a pleasant and uncomplicated experience.

Bloodworms: natural food for healthy fish

The quality promise of our bloodworms

Bloodworms are food organisms that you can obtain from us in the qualities freeze-dried (FD) and canned. They are a piece of nature that you bring directly into your aquarium. Our premium quality FD Bloodworms are proof of our constant striving for excellent food. They are carefully processed to ensure that your fish receive a food that is as close as possible to their natural feeding behaviour .

Recommendations for use of bloodworms

Using mosquito larvae is an excellent choice for stimulating your fish's hunting instincts. Here are some tips on how to optimise the use of this food:

  • Adjust feeding amounts: Be sure to adjust the amount of bloodworms you offer your fish to avoid overfeeding and maintain water quality.
  • Varied diet: Combine bloodworms with other foods such as Züflo Grower-Flakes with Spirulina and Octopus to ensure a balanced diet. Adding bloodworms can also help with the changeover to the spirulina algae-enriched food by making it easier to get used to as a favourite food.

Spirulina algae: The green superpower in fish food

Health from the water: the benefits of spirulina algae

Spirulina algae are synonymous with health and vitality in the aquarium kingdom. In our food category you will find spirulina algae in powder form as well as products enriched with this nutrient-rich algae. Spirulina algae can contribute to improved digestion and immune defence and also have a positive effect on the colouring of your fish.

Perfect your feeding programme with spirulina algae

Integrating spirulina algae into the feeding programme is a smart move for dedicated aquarists. Discover our Spirulina Micro Algae Powder, which is very suitable as fry food, as supplementary food for fish of all ages, shrimps and as an addition to your own food mixes. Our spirulina-enriched products such as the Zuebi Grower-Bits with Spirulina and Krill or the Zuesti Grower_Sticks with Spirulina and Krill offer an all-in-one nutritional range that meets the daily needs of your fish and helps to intensify their natural colours.

Chlorella algae: a powerhouse for your aquarium

Chlorella algae: a complete food for your aquarium inhabitants

Our chlorella microalgae granulate from German production is another component in the premium food category from DRAK-Aquaristik. This food is not only an excellent source of protein, but is also rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. If you prefer chlorella algae in powder form, our chlorella microalgae powder is the right choice for you. Chlorella algae provides everything your fish need for healthy growth and optimal development.

What distinguishes our food from cheap food

The quality of a fish food cannot be deduced from the legally required declaration of ingredients alone. In particular, the protein sources used differ considerably in terms of their usability. Cheap food and overstocked products damage the metabolism and liver of the animals and also cause considerable water pollution (visible in a rapidly increasing nitrate concentration).

At DRAK, you only get high-quality food for fish. You will also find Intens Xtra, the metabolic activator for fish, which strengthens the immune system from the inside out. It promotes the regeneration of the mucous membranes of fish and supports the reorganisation of the intestinal tract. And especially for ornamental fish and fry, we stock Decapsulated Artemiacysts. With this product, all the nutrients of the cyst are available, as no hatching is necessary. Let the excellent reviews from our customers convince you.

High-pressure heat sterilisation, a special manufacturing process for a high-quality food

Canned Mysis Shrimps in a 100 g tin is a high-quality food based on an innovative feeding concept. Selected mysis shrimps are preserved directly in the can by means of high-pressure heat sterilisation in their own juice. The special manufacturing process ensures that the flavour and freshness of the food are largely retained. Your animals will usually accept this food just as well as excellent frozen or live food.

Preserved in the same process, you can obtain selected, cultivated Cyclops as well as Artemia and Bloodworms from us. Discover this high-quality alternative to frozen food, which simulates live food almost perfectly.

Insights into the philosophy and quality of DRAK-Aquaristik

Why choose DRAK-Aquaristik?

At DRAK-Aquaristik, the quality and purity of our products take centre stage. Our approach is to offer aquarists and specialist retailers the opportunity to buy fish food that is of excellent quality. This is reflected in both the health of your fish and the clarity of your water. Our goal is to develop the best food for your aquatic world.

Full declaration and expertise

We believe in transparency and expertise. That's why we not only offer a full declaration of all the ingredients in our feeds, but also provide you with advice and support - either in our own support forum, where an aquarium-enthusiastic community awaits you, or in person. Our expertise, which we are happy to share with you, is a guarantee for the successful care and growth of your aquarium inhabitants.

Finally, it is important to us that you not only buy fish food from us, but also take a piece of our passion for aquariums with you. Immerse yourself in the world of DRAK-Aquaristik, where quality, sustainability and passion are in every product.