Water conditioner: The key to a healthy aquarium

DRAK-Aquaristik understands the needs of aquarium enthusiasts. With the high-quality water conditioner Aquadrakon EL, DRAK ensures that every aquarium owner can achieve the best possible water quality. This water conditioner is the result of research, passion and a deep understanding of aquaristics.

Whether freshwater or saltwater, this water conditioner is designed to improve and maintain water quality. It therefore provides a solid foundation for the well-being of your aquatic environment.

Aquadrakon EL - The premium water conditioner

Aquadrakon EL from DRAK-Aquaristik is in a class of its own. This high-quality water conditioner is specially designed for aquarium fish and invertebrates in freshwater and seawater. What sets it apart is the 100% natural filter suspension made from minerals. Free from organic additives, Aquadrakon EL is a safe and effective solution for water treatment.

The advantages of Aquadrakon EL are manifold. It acts as an ion exchanger, adsorbent, catalyser and complexing agent, resulting in comprehensive purification and improvement of the aquarium water. This aquarium water conditioner is effective against a wide range of pollutants, including heavy metals, pesticides, drug residues, chlorine and ammonium. In addition, it reduces odours and helps to lower bacterial density, while serving as a settlement substrate for beneficial bacteria.

Aquadrakon EL is easy to use. An appropriate dosage leads to a stabilisation of the water values, promotes the health and colouration of the animals and supports disease prevention. Its contribution to reducing transport losses is particularly valuable for breeders and retailers.

Efficiency and mode of action of the aquarium water conditioner

Aquadrakon EL goes beyond traditional water conditioners. Its effect is based on an extremely large and active surface area, which makes it possible to effectively bind various pollutants. This water conditioner not only acts as a filter, but also creates a healthier environment in the aquarium.

The areas of application are versatile. Aquadrakon EL is suitable for all types of aquariums, whether freshwater or saltwater systems. Its ability to bind free-floating algae and algae spores contributes to the clarity and health of the water. As a settlement substrate for beneficial bacteria, it promotes biological balance and supports the natural self-cleaning of the ecosystem.

Dosing for maximum efficiency. The correct dosage plays a decisive role in the effectiveness of the aquarium water conditioner. DRAK-Aquaristik recommends a specific quantity when setting up the aquarium for the first time or when changing the water, which can be adjusted according to requirements and the condition of the water. Regular use guarantees a healthy and stable aquarium environment in the long term.

Why choose Aquadrakon EL? The advantages at a glance:

  • Natural ingredients: 100% natural minerals, free from organic additives
  • Versatile cleaning: Effective removal of heavy metals, pesticides, drug residues and more
  • Promotes water quality: Stabilises water values, supports healthy fish colouration and disease prevention
  • Customisable dosage: Suitable for different aquarium situations, from initial set-up to regular maintenance
  • Long-lasting clarity: Turbidity after use leads to crystal-clear water