Total hardness and carbonate hardness in the aquarium

The carbonate hardness (CH) influences the buffering capacity of the water and stabilises the pH value. An appropriate CH is important to increase the carbonate hardness in the aquarium and maintain the acid-base balance.

Adjustments to TH and CH may be necessary due to various factors, such as changes in water quality or specific needs of plants and animals. Correct adjustment of these values supports a lively, healthy aquarium.

Increase TH value in the aquarium: Basics and methods

Raising the TH value in your aquarium is an essential aspect of water care. It not only contributes to the health of your fish, but also supports the growth of plants. There are various methods for increasing the TH value in the aquarium, whereby the selection of the right method depends on the specific needs of your aquarium.

Raising the CH value in the aquarium: Efficient approaches

As with total hardness, it is also important to achieve the correct CH value for carbonate hardness. A stable CH value supports the maintenance of the pH value and prevents abrupt fluctuations, which can be harmful to the ecosystem of your aquarium. Increasing the CH value therefore makes a significant contribution to a balanced and healthy aquarium environment.

Duradrakon hardening salt: your partner for optimum water values

Duradrakon hardening salt is specially designed for the needs of aquariums and offers a reliable solution to effectively increase both the total hardness and the carbonate hardness. Compared to other products, Duradrakon is characterised by its high quality and efficiency, making it ideal for demanding aquarists. It supports the stability of the water values and promotes the health and vitality of your aquarium inhabitants.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about increasing the total hardness and carbonate hardness in the aquarium

How often should I test the TH and CH in my aquarium?

It is recommended to test the TH and CH regularly, at least once a month, to ensure that the values are within the ideal range.

Can I increase TH and CH at the same time?

Yes, there are products such as Duradrakon hardening salt that can effectively and safely increase both TH and CH.

DRAK-Aquaristik: Quality and trust

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