PRODAC Crystalcil Sintered Glass Cylinders

Particularly porous sintered glass cylinders for filtration in fresh and sea water.

Sintered glass is known for offering extra large settlement areas for degrading bacteria. Over time, anoxic areas form inside the tubes, so that in some cases even nitrate is reduced to nitrogen.
This makes Crystalcil particularly suitable for tanks heavily polluted with excreta, such as breeding and hatchery tanks, due to its strong biodegradation performance.
Like the less effective clay tubes, Crystalcil initially acts as a purely mechanical filter and retains leaves, excess food, excrement and other larger impurities.

In pure plant tanks, however, its use should at least be carefully considered. Here, the strong degradation performance can sometimes become a problem if nitrate and other fertilizer components are degraded in competition with the plants.


Insert the mesh bag in the filter as the first filter stage so that water flows completely through it.


Although the effectiveness of the sintered glass cylinders decreases only very slowly, it is nevertheless advisable to at least partially replace them after approx. 6 months.


  • Ready-to-use portioned in a mesh bag
  • average size of the filter cylinders: H 1.1 cm × Ø 1.1 cm
  • Contents: 200 g (approx. 320 ml)
  • for aquaria from 80 - 120 litres volume

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