Jackfruit tree leaves DRAK

The jackfruit tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus) belongs to the mulberry family (Moraceae) and is native to the tropics.

It is best to use jackfruit leaves or jack leaves as a welcome change in the diet of your loricariids or invertebrates such as shrimps, crabs or crayfish. Just try it and see if your animals like it.
The leaves are well suited for aquascaping tanks, as they are more durable than other leaves such as mulberry or banana due to their rough and firm structure.


10 g or 50 g

The leaves are of different sizes. They are packed by weight.

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5 August 2021 17:32

1 A


10 March 2023 08:24


Artikel kam gut verpackt an, bläter augenscheinlich okay und sauber , keine kaputten Blätter. Allerdings machten die Garnelen einen großen Bogen drum und gingen sehr,sehr zögerlich dran. Nache einer weile dann doch. Allerdings scheint ihnen walnuss, Brennessel und sogar Buche besser zu gefallen. Schön wäre wenn es bei DRAK Feigenbaumblätter gäbe! Das war bisher das beste Blattfutter für Garnelen!

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Content: 0.025 kg (€238.00* / 1 kg)


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