Ferrdrakon Full Iron Fertilizer

Our aquarium complete fertiliser provides aquarium plants with important nutrients and supports vital growth. It is a good idea to buy an iron fertilizer to provide a basic supply for the aquarium plants. Fertilising the aquaria also ensures a particularly intense colouring of the leaves.
All advantages at a glance:

  • Iron fertilizer as basic supply for aquarium plants
  • Contains all essential nutrients
  • Supports vital growth
  • Intensive leaf colouring
  • Less algae formation

Ferrdrakon full iron fertilizer as ready-to-use solution or as refill pack

Ferrdrakon complete iron fertilizer serves as a basis for fertilizing a normally planted tank without any other special features. The complete aquarium fertilizer contains all important and essential nutrients.

For fertilizing the water plants, however, supplementary fertilizer products such as Eudrakon N and Eudrakon P can be added to supplement the fertilization with macronutrients such as nitrate or phosphate as needed.

Extremely strong lighting and very dense planting produce strong plant growth. This and trickle filters or UV water clarifiers cause an increased consumption of certain micronutrients. In this case, a special fertilizer such as Daydrakon or + should be used in addition to the complete aquarium fertilizer.

Iron fertilizer for the aquarium - Ingredients [in mg/L]

Potassium 3 000, iron 1 000, magnesium 750, manganese 400, boron 60, copper 20, molybdenum 20, zinc 20, cobalt 10, nickel 10, iodide 4,6, EDTA, HEEDTA, DTPA, NTA or IDHA*, methyl paraben, ascorbic acid

* Please note package information

Weekly addition of Ferrdrakon at recommended dosage

Potassium 300, iron 100, magnesium 75, manganese 40, boron 6, copper 2, molybdenum 2, zinc 2, nickel 1, cobalt 1, iodide 0.46


10 ml per 100 l tank water each week (± 50 % depending on the plant growth)
Adding 1/7 of this calculated amount each day is beneficial.

When fertilizing the aquarium plants, start with the lowest possible dosage and increase slowly. The effect should be observed: if no improvement in growth can be observed or problems with algae occur, the dose should be reduced immediately.
A pre-requisite for this is that a minimum of 25% of the water is exchanged every 2 weeks. A greater exchange of water does no harm, rather is quite a sensible move.

Ideal iron content

0.05 - 0.1 mg/l

Storage Life

Store in a dark cool place (the metal chelate complexes are sensitive to light) - minimum storage life please see database.

The solution that is delivered normally has a light yellow to dark brown colour. After the entry of air, some time later, it can cause the colour to change to dark brown or eventually green-black, but it always remains clear. The effectiveness of the fertilizer is however not affected in any way by this colour change process.

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9 July 2014 00:20

Wir sind Anfänger und mit den ...

Wir sind Anfänger und mit den empfohlen Eisentabletten hatten wir keinen Erfolg. Ferrdrakon hat uns eindeutig überzeugt. Ein anderes Mittel kommt für uns nicht mehr in Frage. Eigenwerte Topp und Algen sind endlich auf dem Rückzug.

13 August 2014 23:54

Das Produkt ist 1A verwende nu...

Das Produkt ist 1A verwende nur noch Eisendünger von Drak. Alle Pflanzen sind knallgrün.

13 August 2014 23:42

Erstklassiges Produkt!!! Me...

Erstklassiges Produkt!!! Mein Aquarium blüht wahnsinnig auf und kann diesen Dünger jedem empfehlen, der richtig gesunde Pflanzen mag. TOP .. bitte weiter so!

3 August 2014 00:23

Die Gebrauchsanweisung beherzi...

Die Gebrauchsanweisung beherzigen und den Pflanzen geht es gut. Es wurden schon etliche Düngemittel von mir benutzt. Keines erreicht dieses Level. Merci.

22 July 2014 09:20

ich dünge anteilig täglich die...

ich dünge anteilig täglich die wöchentliche Dosis und bin damit sehr zufrieden

16 July 2014 16:00

wie versprochen super...

wie versprochen super

16 July 2014 14:14

Diesen Dünger verwende ich als...

Diesen Dünger verwende ich als Tagesdünger - Pflanzen, Fischen und meinen Wirbellosen geht es prima :o)

15 July 2014 14:18

Sehr guter Dünger, meine Pflan...

Sehr guter Dünger, meine Pflanzen danken es mir, das ich ihn benutze.

11 May 2014 10:06

Da ich den Dünger erst wenige ...

Da ich den Dünger erst wenige Tage verwende, kann ich ihn eigentlich noch gar nicht bewerten. Ich gehe aber auf Grund zahlreicher positiver Bewertungen im Internet davon aus, dass der Dünger sehr gut ist. Der Umstand, dass der Dünger auch von Hans - Georg Kramer verwendet wird, spricht für sich.

30 May 2014 13:55

Ich benutze es seid einigen Ja...

Ich benutze es seid einigen Jahren in meinem Becken und der Pflanzenwuchs ist unschlagbar. Da ich jetzt mehr wert Lege auf ein dicht bepflanztes Becken und das mein neues Projekt ist bin ich auf Kramerdrak umgestiegen.

Great pictures from the plant tank of A.L. from Eckenhaid near Nuremberg
The tank, which is currently just under nine months old, was switched to DRAK almost two months ago. With the fertiliser combination KramerDrak Power and KramerDrak solution as well as good lighting, it needs regular thinning out.
This is how you can have a good time as a redfin tetra!

The photo was given to me by our customer Peter H. with the comment: “No questions or problems this time, just a photo. :-)”
Some photos from the aquarium of Wilm Thiere from Braunsdorf
Wilm Thiere has always tried to recreate Amano's aquariums.
The aquarium of S.L. from Saarbrücken
Spacious plant-orientated tank with CO₂ supply 180 cm × 60 cm × 60 cm (600 l), 2 × 250 watt HQI / 8 h trickle filter in the tank and in the base cabinet (125 l) / 2900 l/h pump


20 ml Dispensing Beaker for Screwing
Simple metering system for dosing fertiliser or water conditioner

1 ml Dispenser pump
Measuring the required quantities of fertiliser or water conditioner

Programmable single-channel dispenser pump SD-01M
Peristaltic pump with 1 - 99 ml per pulse and digital display

Metering valve with venting for canisters
With vent for 3 and 5 litre canisters

Sold out
PRODACtest Fe - Iron
Determination of iron (Fe) concentration. For fresh and sea water.

30 ml Canister pump
Dosing pump for 3 and 5 litre canisters


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