Great pictures from the plant tank of A.L. from Eckenhaid near Nuremberg

The tank, which is currently just under nine months old, was switched to DRAK almost two months ago. With the fertiliser combination KramerDrak Power and KramerDrak solution as well as good lighting, it needs regular thinning out.

A.L.'s comment

It's frightening how you slowly get used to the pitying look when you see people buying aquarium plants. Since I've been using Ferrdrakon (10 months) I've:

  • never bought plants again
  • flowering Anubias
  • red Ludwigia
  • rampant Vallisneria
  • Indian water star (or water frond?) in its most beautiful form
  • half a bucket of greenery to dispose of every 2 - 3 weeks
  • negligible algae growth

The ludwigs and water stars grow so fantastically that I throw out the entire stock including the roots every 4 weeks and only put the tips back in. I radically trim the tips of the giant vallisneria every week like a hairdresser. I've never dared to do that before.

So just keep it up...

Tank 130 × 50 × 50 cm (325 litres)

Why 130 cm? That's the standard length for which you can get good fluorescent tubes in DIY stores

Lighting 1 x Osram Lumilux 830
1 x Osram Lumilux 860

Why these lamps? See Robert Miehle's "", where you can find out all about aquarium lighting and cost reduction!

Filter EHEIM Professional II
pH approx. 6.6 - 6.7 (electronic control)
KH 3 - 4 °dH - partial demineraliser (weakly acidic cation exchanger) in the bypass to the filter (drop by drop)
GH 8 - 9 °dH
Temperature 25 °C (depending on the season, slightly higher in summer)
Fertilisation Ferrdrakon weekly according to instructions, sometimes a little less