30 ml Canister pump

Metering system (30 ml per stroke), direct screw top for the 3 and 5 l canisters used here for fertilizers and water treatment.

Replaces the original screw top of the canister. Delivered in these individual pieces which have to be assembled before use:

Step 1

Nest the transparent tube into the lower part of the pump. Press the seal in the large ring nut.

Installing the canister pump - Step 1

Step 2

Screw the pump at the small ring nut and disperse it. Put both parts in parallel as seen on the illustration.

Installing the canister pump - Step 2

Step 3

Nest the large ring nut with the seal above the thread at the bottom part of the pump as seen on the illustration.

Installing the canister pump - Step 3

Step 4

Nest the upper component of the pump with the steel spring into the bottom part again.

Installing the canister pump - Step 4

Step 5

Connect upper component and bottom part with the small ring nut definitely. You'll need a little pressure to overcome the steel spring's resistance.

Installing the canister pump - Step 5

Step 6

Delete the canister's screw cap.
Nest the total pump construction into the canister's vent (with smaller canisters the transparent service pipe needs to be shortened if necessary. Just bevel with a cutter or shear.) and tighten with the large ring nut. Mind the pump's outlet showing to the desired direction (to adjust just loosen the ring nut slightly).

30 ml canister pump

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10 January 2014 08:16

Sehr praktisch...

Sehr praktisch

12 November 2013 05:44

ein wenig fummellig die Pumpe ...

ein wenig fummellig die Pumpe am Kanister anzubringen.

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