High-performance Filter Material Fibalon® plus

Fibalon® plus - Your plus for crystal clear and healthy water

Far more than just filter wool - for aquariums, fish ponds and fish farms
Suitable for fresh- and saltwater and any type of filtration system as a downstream fine filter

Fibalon® plus

  • Innovative combination of optimized polymer fibers with a scientifically modified surface structure and fiber cross sections
  • Features the developed fiber fixation DyFix® (so no compression and felting) to guarantee a high particle retention rate and deep penetration of particles into the fibre
  • Actively counters substances which can form odor and create turbidity
  • Provides crystal clear water and provides long lasting protection against water pollution

Our recommendation

Change out at least one third of Fibalon® plus after each filter cleaning cycle. This way an optimal water quality can be achieved.


  • Long life product
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Widely applicable
  • Easy handling
  • No ingredient release to the water
  • Superior filtering characteristics
  • Greater surface area
  • Uniform flow through
  • Free of chemical residues
  • Suitable for filtration of thread algae

Fibalon® uses only certified fibers according to ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100
Developed and manufactured in Germany

100 g ~ 7 liters loosely poured fiber wads / 1 fiber wad weighs approx. 2 - 3 g

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29 October 2016 09:27

Sehr gut...

Sehr gut

19 April 2018 15:00

Sehr gut!

Schafft kristallklares Wasser.

29 October 2016 09:27

Sehr gut...

Sehr gut

3 January 2022 16:05


Absolut Bombe, filtert das Wasser in meinem Garnelenbecken Glasklar

12 February 2022 13:41

Hochleistungs-Filtermaterial Fibalon® plus

Beste Watte die ich bis jetzt hatte

10 March 2023 08:16

Sehr empfehelnswet!

Für mich das Beste Filtermaterial! Ideale Ergänzung zu Langzeitmaterial wie Siporax oder ähnlichem! Im Regelfall lassen die "Bällchen" sich 3x gut auswaschen, dann ersetze ich Sie. Findet bei mir verwendung im Juwel Bioflow Jumbo, Tunze Compact Stream und in MKIF.


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Variants from €9.99*

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