Filter Sponge, round, blue

Round filterpad (Ø 9.5 cm) made of coarse, blue filter foam with inner hole for free water flow even if filter material is completely or partially blocked. Suitably customised for the »Tube« aquarium filter in two different heights.

Extremely long service life, can be washed out again and again with lukewarm (aquarium) water if necessary. To start with, inoculation with our filter bacteria »Bactedrakon« is recommended to boost the colonisation of the filter material. Compatible with all other filter media.

Supplied in protective cardboard box.

The blue filterpad serves as the second filter stage (or optionally the filtAS filter packing) of the »Tube« aquarium filter, combined with other filter materials depending on the size. The foam acts as a combination of mechanical and biological filtration, both mechanically retaining suspended matter and providing a settlement basis for bacteria. The blue filter sponge is less susceptible to complete or partial clogging and therefore requires less cleaning than the fine filter fleece.
The first and second filter stages additionally serve to protect all water inhabitants, which can never be sucked into the filter by too strong suction. The water should therefore never flow through the central hole, which happens if at least one of the filter stages has to be cleaned.

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Bactedrakon - filter bacteria
Natural starter bacteria for all freshwater aquaria

Variants from €9.99*

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