Filter fleece, round, fine, white

Round filterpad (Ø 9.5 cm) made of fine, white filter fleece with inner hole for free water flow even if filter material is completely or partially blocked. Suitable customised for the »Tube« aquarium filter as the top filter layer:

  • Direct removal of floating matter, water turbidity or floating algae
  • Recommended for keeping shrimps and small fish or juveniles
  • No animal can accidentally be filtered
  • Optimally placed on a blue filter pad for stable positioning
  • Directly visible contamination level of the fine filter in the aquarium filter
  • Absolutely simple replacement and replacement of the filter fleece during operation in spite of the active circulation pump

The fine filter pad is designed for short service life and can be replaced with a new pad if dirty. Compatible with all other filter media.

Supplied in a protective ZIP bag.

The white filter fleece serves as the first mechanical filter stage to remove coarse dirt, dust and fats as well as leaves and plant residues from the aquarium. The fine filter pad can be easily cleaned manually or, if necessary, completely replaced. Depending on the water load, this filter stage must be cleaned most frequently. It is therefore located at the top of the aquarium filter »Tube« and is therefore always easily visible and accessible.


You may determine whether your aquarium already has an active bacterial culture by the colour of the fine filter pad:
After 2 - 3 days of use, the pad turns dark brown to black, if there are enough bacteria suitable for aquaria. A light brown, sometimes greasy colouring indicates that filter bacteria such as »Bactedrakon« should continue to be added directly via the filter.
Especially with complete new installations, this colonisation process can take several weeks (“retracting” the tank), but this is essential for the animals, as these bacteria break down harmful substances in the aquarium. Aquarium plants are not affected and can be used immediately.

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Bactedrakon - filter bacteria
Natural starter bacteria for all freshwater aquaria

Variants from €9.99*

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