CO₂ glass diffuser 3in1 with bubble counter and check valve

This glassware is basically a beautiful composition of 3 individual pieces (check valve, bubble counter and diffuser), whereby the design is based on a calyx. This saves you the time-consuming installation of several individual parts.
The high-quality ceramic membrane of the glass diffuser creates very small CO₂ bubbles, which are distributed with the flow in the basin and are almost completely dissolved. This ensures an optimal CO₂ supply for the plants.

Delivery scope

  • CO₂ glass diffuser 3in1 with bubble counter and check valve for aquariums up to max. 160 litres
  • 2 transparent suction cups with clips for fastening
  • Suitable for compressed gas cylinders and Bio-CO₂
  • Suitable for standard 4/6 mm hoses*

*Silicone hoses are softer and more flexible than standard hoses and therefore particularly suitable for glassware.

Tips for assembly

Fragile glassware such as the bubble counter spiral should always be connected to the tubes very carefully:

  • Do not exert great pressure on the glass to avoid glass breakage
  • Warm the hose in a water bath beforehand so that it expands and becomes softer
  • Moisten the glass connections beforehand so that the hose can be pushed on more easily
  • For short pieces of hose (e.g. inside the aquarium) silicone hose is recommended. This type of hose is very soft and can therefore be connected more easily and, if necessary, also be installed in tighter curves


Align the glassware as vertically as possible in the basin using the suction cups provided. For correct operation, the inside of the diffusers must be completely filled with water. This usually happens in the aquarium on its own within 1 - 2 days. However, it is also possible to press water carefully and only with gentle pressure via the supply line into the interior.
Please do not connect the CO₂ supply line until the interior is completely filled.
If the position is not exactly vertical or if there is still too much residual air in the diffuser, bubbles may partially escape via the diffusion hole at the beginning of the glass spiral. In this case the bubble counter (the spiral) is not yet working properly. If this happens, please check the vertical position of the device and wait some time until the remaining air has completely escaped. Small air bubbles in the spiral can possibly be transported upwards with a gentle tap.

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20 February 2022 13:03

Wunderschön gearbeitet

Habe die Glasware prima verpackt und in gewohnten traditionell schnellem Versand erhalten. Bin absolut zufrieden .


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