CO₂ bubble counter spiral made of glass

This CO₂ bubble counter in “Japanese” style serves to control the CO₂ supply to your aquarium and provides a particularly attractive view of the rising CO₂ bubbles. Fill the bubble counter with water before connecting it to the CO₂ system. Because of the twisted tube inside, the bubble count can be read very well. Due to the closed construction, it can be mounted outside or inside the tank as desired using the transparent suction cups supplied.

Important: The bubble counter allows a quick visual check whether the system is working properly and how changes to the fine needle valve affect the carbon dioxide supply. The bubble count is not a reliable parameter for the CO₂ concentration in the tank! For this you will need one of our corresponding long-term tests, a suitable water test or at least the indirect mathematical control by means of pH value and carbonate hardness.

Delivery scope

  • Bubble counter spiral made of glass
  • 2 transparent suction cups with clips for fastening
  • Suitable for compressed gas cylinders and Bio-CO₂
  • Suitable for standard 4/6 mm hoses*

*Silicone hoses are softer and more flexible than standard hoses and therefore particularly suitable for glassware.

Tips for assembly

Fragile glassware such as the bubble counter spiral should always be connected to the tubes very carefully:

  • Do not exert great pressure on the glass to avoid glass breakage
  • Warm the hose in a water bath beforehand so that it expands and becomes softer
  • Moisten the glass connections beforehand so that the hose can be pushed on more easily
  • For short pieces of hose (e.g. inside the aquarium) silicone hose is recommended. This type of hose is very soft and can therefore be connected more easily and, if necessary, also be installed in tighter curves


Place the bubble counter filled with water in front of the diffuser (the device for introducing the CO₂ into the aquarium water).

In order to achieve the ideal CO₂ concentration of approx. 20 - 30 mg/l in the aquarium, you can first set a rough guide value, i.e. a number of bubbles in bubbles/minute, which is approximately one tenth of the tank volume in litres. The fine adjustment is then usually carried out with the aid of an long-term test, as the CO₂ requirement of your tank naturally depends not only on the volume but also on a number of other factors:

  • Movement of the water surface
  • Type and quantity of plants in the aquarium
  • Lighting
  • Water temperature

Bubble counter and long-term test complement each other perfectly. The bubble counter is used for rough orientation and helps to adjust the fine needle valve of the CO₂ system. The long-term test shows the actual carbon dioxide concentration in the aquarium water. This provides optimum support for plant growth and at the same time protects fish and shrimps from excessive levels.

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