CO₂ glass non-return valve

CO₂ non-return valve made of high-quality Japanese style glass. Please install the valve between the CO₂ system (bottom connection) and the bubble counter (top connection) to prevent water from flowing back from the bubble counter. Suitable for pressurized gas cylinders and bio CO₂ systems.

Scope of delivery

  • Glass check valve
  • 2 transparent suction cups with clips for attachment
  • Suitable for standard 4/6 mm hoses*

*Silicone hoses are softer and more flexible than standard hoses and are therefore particularly suitable for glassware.

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Soft silicone tube 6/4 mm for CO₂ glassware
Avoid glass breakage during connection and due to bending stresses by using silicone hoses for our CO₂ glassware.

Content: 3 Meter (€1.50* / 1 Meter)

Variants from €1.99*
Reinforced black silicone tube 6/4 mm for CO₂ glassware
Use our reinforced, yet flexible, black silicone tubing to prevent glass breakage when installing CO₂ glassware.

Variants from €2.29*
Transparent suction cups in double pack
3 × 2 different, transparent suction cups for 4/6 mm tubes


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