Aquadrakon Black Water Conditioning

Water preparation and water conditioning for fresh water - for aquarium fish and invertebrates

Improved tropic formula with care colloids, humins, Aloe vera, dexpanthenol, vitamin complex and iodine

  • Aloe vera and dexpanthenol are used as an active mucous membrane protection
  • Highly effective humic substances as within clear and black water
  • Vitamin complex to combat stress
  • Binds heavy metals such as copper and zinc
  • Effectively eliminates free chlorine and chloramine
  • Iodine, among other effects, increases the vitality of fish and reduces problems with skin casting among invertebrates


10 ml / 40 l fresh water on exchange of water
Please shake before use!

Please avoid overdosing. It does not have any positive effect and can under certain circumstances lead to new problems being created (e.g. consumption of oxygen etc.).

Elimination of Chlorine and Chloramine

The maximum allowed value of chlorine content in drinking water of 0.3 mg/l (a figure that is seldom reached) is reliably reduced and detoxified. The detoxification effect of Aquadrakon Black would also be sufficient for more than double the above chlorine content.

Detoxification of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are bound by the complex binding agents (metal chelate complexes: EDTA, DTPA, HEEDTA, NTA), which reduces their toxic effects by a factor of 1000.

There is no need to fear interactions with aquatic plant fertilizers as long as these are, like the DRAK products, fully chelated.

The amount of chelate, when the product is used according to instructions, is measured to allow up to 2 mg/l of copper to be reliably bound in the fresh water (maximum allowed value for drinking water according to the German Water Regulations).

In order to avoid excess chelates forming complexes with calcium and magnesium from the hardness of the water and thereby withdrawing them from the system, these are already built in as Ca- and Mg-complexes. All of the possible heavy metals to be detoxified (copper, zinc, lead, cadmium etc.) bind more strongly than calcium or magnesium and in so doing force these elements out of the complex.

Mucous membrane protection

Untreated fresh water can have an aggressive effect on mucous membranes!

It is particularly the very mineral-poor waters of the tropical regions (clear and black water) that are rich in organic nutrients (water soluble cellulose and lignin breakdown products, tannic acid, humins: 10 - 40 mg/l!).
The same materials also occur, though to a lesser extent, in our waters. However, they are completely removed in the processing of drinking water.
But our aquarium fish have adapted to such water, and they therefore need these substances in the aquarium.

The water-soluble cellulose derivative used, carboxymethylcellulose, replaces the cellulose breakdown products and a highly effective humic salt replaces the humus nutrients of the tropical waters where our fish originated.
The caring constituents and the minerals and vitamins of aloe vera provide added protection for mucous membranes and skin and can stabilize the seriously stressed (due to net catching, bag transport, adapting to completely different local water conditions etc.) fish skin.
The added vitamin complexes (including healing dexpanthenol) support the healing of the mucous membrane and fins, act against stress and promote useful bacterial cultures within the aquarium.

Storage Life

Stored in a dark (vitamins are sensitive to the light) and cool place - minimum of 3 year.

In order to avoid a possible fungal or bacterial infection, a harmless and well-tolerated preservative was added (methyl paraben).


Please do not use Aquadrakon Black at the same time as any other substances or preparations with a high humin content (this applies in particular to certain medicines. The release of humins by leaves or peat will remain a long way off the concentration that could cause problems). If you do so, the acceptable levels for certain types of fish could be exceeded, and then the opposite of the normally beneficial effects could occur. In such a case it would be sensible to apply the different doses at different times, as well as reducing the individual doses.


14.81 g/l potassium; 12.39 g/l DTPA; 9.21 g/l EDTA; 9.0 g/l carboxymethylcellulose (CMC); 8.76 g/l HEEDTA; 6.02 g/l NTA; 5.0 g/l Na-humate; 2.52 g/l calcium; 1.53 g/l magnesium; 1.13 g/l thiosulphate; 1.0 g/l methyl paraben; 0.5 g/l dexpanthenol; 0.2 g/l Aloe vera (Dried Extract - 1:200); 200 mg/l iodide; 10 mg/l lithium; vitamins (500 mg/l C; 100 mg/l each of B1, B6, niacin; 50 mg/l B2; 5 mg/l B12)

Added concentration of the most important substances already contained in fresh drinking water

3.7 mg/l potassium; 2.25 mg/l CMC; 1.25 mg/l Na-humate; 0.64 mg/l calcium; 0.38 mg/l magnesium; 50 µg/l iodide; 2.5 µg/l lithium

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28 March 2013 07:43

Guter Wasseraufbereiter. Die F...

Guter Wasseraufbereiter. Die Fische fühlen sich wohl.

12 June 2013 09:57

Erstbestellung zum Testen...

Erstbestellung zum Testen

23 March 2014 21:39

Denn Fischen gehts gut!!...

Denn Fischen gehts gut!!

16 November 2020 11:06

Aquadrakon Black Wasseraufbereiter

Verwende ich schon seit Jahren und habe nur gute Erfahrung mit diesem Produkt.

2 April 2013 11:29

Benutze ich seit Jahren in ein...

Benutze ich seit Jahren in einem Gesellschaftsbecken mit leider etwas hartem Wasser und bin sehr zufrieden. Tut den Fischen beim Wasserwechsel oder anderen Stresssituationen gut!

13 June 2013 17:48

Sehr guter Wasser- (Aufbereite...

Sehr guter Wasser- (Aufbereiter)Konditionierer. +Einfach zu dosieren +Sehr ergiebig +Garnelentauglich

10 December 2014 23:38

Tolles Produkt, super klares W...

Tolles Produkt, super klares Wasser, nur zu empfehlen

4 June 2015 11:01

Verwende das Produkt nun schon...

Verwende das Produkt nun schon seit mehreren Jahren und habe ein gutes Gefühl damit...

24 June 2021 23:13


Ich benütze den Wasseraufbereiter schon jahrelang und bin stets zufrieden damit gewesen.

5 April 2013 06:55

Ich setzte Aquadrakon Black al...

Ich setzte Aquadrakon Black alle 14 Tage beim Wasserwechsel für ein 84l und ein 260l Aquarium ein. Den Fischen geht es bestens, was will man mehr.

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