Aquadrakon EL Water Conditioning

Care tonic for all fresh- and seawater aquarium fish and invertebrates

100 % natural filter suspension of minerals with many positive characteristics
Contains no organic additives

The natural compound contained in Aquadrakon EL offers an extensive and highly active filtering surface over 1000 m²/g. The finely divided particles act as ion exchangers, adsorbents, catalysts and complexing agents.

The following pollutants are irreversibly bound or broken down into non-toxic and harmless fragments:

  • heavy metals
  • pesticides
  • drug residues
  • chlorine
  • chloramine
  • ammonium
  • odorous substances
  • and much more

Other benefits:

  • reduces the density of bacteria in the water (bacteria not bound to the substrate-bound are almost always harmful organisms)
  • serves as a substrate for beneficial bacteria in the filter and substrate to settle
  • binds floating algae and algal spores

This will improve your aquarium or pond in a number of ways:

  • stabilize all water values
  • create agile animals with a healthy appetite and gorgeous colouring
  • prevent disease and aid healing after illness
  • reduce losses during transport


10 ml per 40 l fresh water for each water change and when first setting up the system

  • For regular water maintenance, half the dose each month.
  • For highly contaminated water and for breeding systems, you can apply a double dose.
  • A triple dose can be used in problem cases, such as the treatment of diseases and discolouration of the fins and mucous membranes and to remove residual medication.

Adding more than three times the dose has no additional benefit.

Important: Shake the bottle or canister vigorously for about 30 seconds immediately before applying!

When you add Aquadrakon EL, the water will become quite clouded, which, depending on the degree of contamination in the water, could last a while until the water is crystal clear:

  Fresh water tank Sea water tank Garden pond
Standard water 3 - 20 h 2 - 5 h 20 - 48 h
Polluted water 1 - 3 days 24 h 5 - 8 days

Clorine and Cloramine removal

Aquadrakon EL catalyses the decomposition of chlorine into chloride and oxygen. Since this process takes some time, if your fresh water has high chlorine levels, you will need to let the treated water stand for some time before use.

In Germany, a max. chlorine content of 0.3 mg/litre is allowed. But this value can be exceeded on occasion, for example, during floods.
Outside Germany, however, the allowable chloride content in drinking water may be significantly higher.

For example, with a chlorine content of 4 mg/litre, you should wait at least 8 hours before using the treated drinking water.


Since Aquadrakon EL cannot distinguish between “good” and “bad” heavy metals, other preparations such as our plant fertilizer should be used only after the cloudiness disappears. Otherwise, some of the nutrients may also get bound by Aquadrakon EL and then no longer be available for the plants.

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20 ml Dispensing Beaker for Screwing
Plain dispensing system (capacity max. 20 ml) for measuring the necessary amount of fertilizer or adding water treatment.

Metering valve with venting for canisters
With vent for 3 and 5 litre canisters


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