Sealutions Strontium-Solution

Strontium supply for coral tanks

Use the Sealutions - Strontium solution to cover an increased strontium requirement with immediate effect!

Strontium is no longer a bulk mineral in sea water, although it is also not particularly rare at about 8 mg/l. It has no function in animal or plant metabolism, but is used exclusively as a structural element. In this role, it is essential for the development of hard coral skeletons because it is embedded isomorphically (i.e. structural identic) into the structure of the crystal lattice of the aragonite* (modification of lime and the main component of the coralline limestone) and provides stability against the destructive remodelling into calcite.

Barium is also embedded in trace amounts in the aragonite* of the coralline limestone skeleton, where it has the same function as Strontium.

* If aragonite was not stabilised through foreign ions, it would rapidly transform into calcite and hence destroy the structure of coral skeletons, because it is a form of calcium carbonate which is only metastable under the conditions that prevail in seawater basins.


10 ml per 100 litres of water increases the Strontium concentration by 5 mg/l

In addition, the solution contains small amounts of the trace element Barium.

Does not contain chelating agents!

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20 ml Dispensing Beaker for Screwing
Plain dispensing system (capacity max. 20 ml) for measuring the necessary amount of fertilizer or adding water treatment.

30 ml Canister pump
Dosing pump for 3 and 5 litre canisters

Metering valve with venting for canisters
With vent for 3 and 5 litre canisters

1 ml Dispenser pump
For measuring fertilizer or adding water treatment

Programmable single-channel dispenser pump SD-01M
Programmable single-channel dispenser pump SD-01M (peristaltic pump) / 1 - 99 ml per dosing pulse / digital display


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