Sealutions Sodium Hydrogencarbonate 1 kg

Component C for calcium and carbonate hardness dosage according to the Balling method

The balling method works with the addition of sodium hydrogencarbonate and calcium chloride, which results in soluble calcium hydrogencarbonate. To compensate for the excess sodium chloride that is formed, sodium chloride-free sea salt is introduced at the same time.


Fully dissolve

  • 147 g Sealutions Calcium Chloride Dihydrate
  • 168 g Sealutions Sodium Hydrogencarbonate
  • 50 g Sealutions Mineral Salt

in every 2 l of water. Maintain the carbonate hardness by daily addition of equal quantities of the three solutions, in the range of 9 - 11° dH. From empirical observation, for a 300 l reef tank you initially require just 100 ml of each solution daily. Depending on the need you will have to somewhat increase or decrease the daily dose subsequently in order to stay within the desired target range of the CH.

Dosage for other applications

31.25 ml of a saturated sodium hydrogencarbonate solution increase the carbonate hardness in 100 l of water by 1 °dH.

A saturated solution must always be above a sediment of solid sodium hydrogencarbonate. This requires about 96 g/l NaHCO3.

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Sealutions Mineral Salt
NaCl-free sea salt. For Ca and CH dosing according to the Balling method

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Component B for calcium and carbonate hardness dosage according to the Balling method

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