Mixed Bed Resin for the Production of Ultrapure Water

Ultrapure water quality

Production of demineralised  (“distilled”) water meeting the following requirements:

  • Conductivity: 0 - 4 µS/cm *
  • TDS: 0 - 2 ppm
  • Carbonate hardness : 0 °d CH
  • Total hardness: 0 °d TH
  • silicate / silicic acid: 0 g/mol

Our mixed bed resin is preferably used in empty housings or plastic cartridges and is used to supply ultrapure water in laboratories, practices and wherever particularly pure water is required. The industrially produced mixed bed resin consists of a mixture of 40 % cation resin and 60 % anion resin to achieve the highest possible yield of ultrapure water.

The resin is therefore perfect for water treatment in marine aquariums and as a silicate filter after reverse osmosis.


One litre of mixed bed resin  (approx. 660 g) of the LanXess Lewatit type has a capacity of 1500 hardening litres (HL) and thus produces the following quantities of ultrapure water. For

  • 5 °d TH 300 litres
  • 10 °d TH 150 litres
  • 15 °d TH 100 litres
  • 20 °d TH 75 litres

Downstream of a reverse osmosis system, a cartridge filling of the mixed bed resin can remove almost all of the residual salt content from up to several thousand litres of water.

To fill a standard filter cartridge in a 2.5 inch × 10 inch filter housing with resin, approx. 430 - 435 g corresponding to approx. 660 ml are required.

* According to our own measurements, common “distilled resp. demineralised water from supermarkets or DIY stores has a residual conductivity of at least ~ 8 - 10 µS/cm.


Filter sock white size up from 0.5 l to 2.5 l - extra dense
For clean wrapping of fine material such as synthetic resins, activated carbon etc.

Filter sock white size up to 1 l - extra fine
12 × 12 cm, rot-proof. Particularly fine mesh


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