Fine scissors with short blades no tips - Model Mayo

Four different fine and lean scissors (straight and curved, each in 20 and 25 cm length), which can be used especially well in narrow and poorly accessible places due to the short cutting edges. This means that growth on roots and stones deep in the decoration and and ground cover in the far corners of the floor can also be maintained well.

The special type of scissors according to Mayo, i.e. the blades have no sharp tips, is predestined to avoid injuries. No more fear of accidentally injuring overly curious fish. These scissors can also be left with a clear conscience for children who take care of their tank themselves.

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14 June 2022 10:57

Scharf und liegt gut in der Hand

Keine Billigware, qualitativ hochwertige Scheren zum fairen Preis. Schneidet sehr sauber, die gebogene Variante extrem praktisch. Nicht ist für die Ewigkeit, außer diese Scheren :o) PS: Ich fordere das Glück aber nicht heraus und wische die Scheren nach Benutzung trocken.

18 July 2022 17:04

Gute Qualität, rostet nicht

Gute Schere

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