CO₂ Pressure Regulator Basic Multiway

  • For standard refillable bottles with valve W 21.8×1/14"
  • Quick and easy to change over to disposable bottles: can also be used for AQUA-NOA disposable bottles by removing the adapter
  • Fixed working pressure
  • Precision needle valve for fine adjustment of the bubble rate
  • With cylinder pressure gauge
  • Safety valve (overpressure valve )
  • Connector for standard 4/6 mm hoses

A high quality and reliable pressure regulators of European production for the supply of aquariums with CO₂. This AQUA-NOA pressure reducer is equipped with a pressure gauge to indicate the cylinder pressure. The display for the cylinder pressure indicates when the cylinder has to be changed. The working pressure is fixed at 2 bar and cannot be changed. The integrated fine needle valve is used for fine adjustment of the CO₂ quantity and thus the bubble rate.

Modern design and sophisticated safety - European brand product with secure spare parts supply.

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CO₂ seal 2-pack for pressure regulator Basic
For standard refillable bottles with valve W 21.8×1/14"

PU High pressure hose 6/4 mm
For pressure-resistant and gas-proof connections

Variants from €2.29*
DRAK CO₂ Magnetic valve
To control the CO2 addition


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