CO₂ Long-term Test (Drop Checker)

  • The AQUA-NOA CO₂ Long-term Test is simply filled halfway with our Check Solution for CO₂ Long-term Tests and attached to a pane with the opening facing downwards in the aquarium so that it is easy to read at a glance.
  • A suction cup is included in the package. Depending upon CO₂-content of the water the color changes. Blue stands for too little, yellow for too much carbon dioxide. Green indicates the optimal CO₂ concentration of 20 resp. 30 mg/l.

Why a CO₂ long-term test is meaningful

Knowing the CO₂ concentration in your own aquarium is very important because the CO₂ supply is not the only source of carbon dioxide in the aquarium. It also arises directly in the aquarium through the breathing of the animals or the bacterial activity in the filter and substrate. Regardless of the type of pool, it is almost impossible to reliably estimate these processes and should therefore simply use a CO₂ long-term test with which the carbon dioxide concentration in the water can be read off very easily.


The CO₂ indicator liquid is not included in the scope of delivery of the AQUA-NOA CO₂ endurance tests / CO₂ long-term tests, you will find it further below under »Accessories«.

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Disposable Pasteur Pipettes, graduated
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Check Solution for CO₂ Long-term Tests
Suitable for all standard long-term tests. Solution is ready to use.

Content: 0.1 Litre (€0.00* / 1 Litre)

Variants from €7.95*
Transparent suction cups in double pack
3 × 2 different, transparent suction cups for 4/6 mm tubes


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