CO₂ Filter Diffuser 3in1

  • CO₂ Filter Diffuser 3in1 with integrated bubble counter and one-way valve.
  • Injection outside the aquaria
  • Built-in in the filter circuit
  • Ideal for aquascaping (no devices in the tank)
  • 3 hose sizes: 12/16, 16/22 and 19/25 mm
  • Very effective CO₂ atomisation
  • Standard CO₂ hose connection (4/6 mm)

With this inline diffuser, the CO₂ supply to your aquarium is in good hands. The CO₂ is atomised into the finest bubbles, which completely dissolve in the filter hose on their way into the aquarium, thus supplying it with carbon dioxide. The integrated bubble counter helps to fine-tune the dosage, while the built-in non-return valve protects your CO₂ installation from backflowing water from the tank.
Install the Inline Atomizer ( Diffuser) in the hose leading from the external filter to the aquarium directly after the outlet and secure the hose with the respective screw clamps. Before doing so, please fill the bubble counter with water. The equipment also includes a fastening clip with two suction cups that can be used, for example, for mounting in the base cabinet.
If you put the external filter together with the diffuser and the CO₂ bottle in the base cabinet, the visible technology around the aquarium and in the tank can be reduced to the necessary minimum.

The AQUA-NOA CO₂ Filter Diffuser 3in1 requires a somewhat higher working pressure than usual internal diffusers in aquaria. As an accessory, we therefore recommend preferably a pressure reducer with freely adjustable working pressure.

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