CO₂ bubble counter BB2 Blackline with non-return valve

You want to fertilize your aquatic plants optimally with CO₂?

Then the CO₂ bubble counter BB2 Blackline with non-return valve is just right for you! With this practical accessory you can set the perfect CO₂ quantity for your aquarium. The bubble counter has a built-in non-return valve and is delivered to your home with bracket and suction cup.

The BB2 Blackline is made of acrylic glass and has a modern and timeless design. Its black color matches any aquarium and gives it a stylish accent.

Handling the bubble counter is very simple: you install it in the CO₂ supply line and read the number of bubbles per minute that enter the aquarium. This allows you to adjust the CO₂ dosage to the needs of your plants and ensure optimal growth and healthy development of your aquarium plants.

The CO₂ bubble counter BB2 Blackline is a durable and robust tool that will give you pleasure for a long time.

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15 November 2023 10:32

Sehr gutes Produkt

Macht was er soll, die Blasen zählen:) Bin zufrieden


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