Chlorella Micro Algae Granulate made in Germany

Directly feedable granulate/extrudate made in Germany.

Chlorella vulgaris is a very little (5 - 10 µm) spherical freshwater green alga with a quite thin membrane.
This is opened gently after cultivation. Thereby the natural cellulose- and fibre parts remain intact and support a healthy digestion.
Chlorella contains large amounts of chlorophyll and carotenoids, nutritious vegetable protein with all essential amino acids, valuable fatty acids and important vitamins and minerals.

These characteristics are the reason why it is very good for young fish, can be used as an additional nutrient for fish of all ages and a supplement for self-mixed fish food. And it is also suitable for all other fish (not only herbivores).


Raw protein 50.0 %
Raw fat 13.0 %
Carbohydrates 4.7 %

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5 out of 5 stars






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28 February 2013 20:07

Sieht konzentriert aus. Richt ...

Sieht konzentriert aus. Richt sehr gehaltvoll. ALLE Fische reißen sich in meinem Aquarium darum.

13 April 2013 14:08

ein sehr gutes Produkt...

ein sehr gutes Produkt

9 August 2017 04:09

Scheint meinen Antennenwelsen ...

Scheint meinen Antennenwelsen zu schmecken

4 June 2020 08:39

Sehr gute Qualität

Meine Baby Garnelen mögen es gerne

30 March 2022 18:21

Chlorella Granulat

Versorge damit meine kleinen Welse ( Sturisoma) plus meine Garnelen die es gerne fressen.


Measuring spoon small not graduated 60 mm long
Measuring spoon 0.1 or 0.3 ml not graduated 60 mm long for example to measure and dispense small amounts of fertilizer or water hardener

From €0.69*
Measuring spoon 10 ml white
Measurement and dosage of our water hardeners and mineral salts

From €0.79*

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