Feeding hints: Self-made Food Sticks

For a long time, I puzzled and experimented, trying to find the simplest way (without making the water cloudy) of feeding spirulina to my prawns.

Author: Siegfried Niemeyer

Now I have found a solution that works perfectly, is eaten with great appetite and seems to work on the prawns like Viagra. The prawns display like mad every day just after feeding. Home made food sticks!
This is how it works:

Take a small can of cooked peas and press them through a small sieve. Mix the resulting mash of peas with spirulina powder (about a third of the total amount). The whole will make a very firm blue-green paste, which I then fill into a 60 ml syringe from the pharmacist.  If you then use the syringe (without the needle) like an icing syringe, it's very easy to put little sausage shapes about 1.5 mm in diameter onto a washable surface. I simply let these sausage shapes dry for one day. Then they are firm enough to break up. In the aquarium, they will not dissolve of their own accord even after a whole day. I freeze large amounts of the as yet not dried mixture in plastic bags, measured into 60 ml portions. Have fun with the mashing!

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