Black Alder Cones DRAK

For up to 1,000 l

  • Ideal for tropical aquarium fish
  • Especially recommended for more occupied aquariums
  • Dried, tree-ripened alder cones
  • A preventative measure against fungus and infections
  • Natural mucous membrane protection via humic and tannin substances
  • Due to their small dimensions particularly suitable for nano tanks

The black alder (Alnus glutinosa) is a tree up to 25 m high with black bark, which is found on the edges of ditches, streams and rivers. Their woody seed pods, which are rich in humic substances and acids, have been used for decades in aquariums, for enhancing breeding approaches with humic substances or to reduce hardness. The onset of strong brown colouration in the water is quite useful, depending on the application objective.

If you do not want the quite decorative alder cones in the aquarium for various reasons, it is possible to produce an alder extract beforehand.

Give about 4 - 6 alder cones per 100 l of water directly into the aquarium
Repeat treatment every 2 weeks and after each water change
Durability is unlimited when stored dry

40 cones

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18 September 2017 16:56

Review with rating of 5 out of 5 stars

Zur Huminansäuerung/Herstellung verwendet

Bekamm in der Apotheke allerdings nur Benzoesäure zum Extrak herstellen. Erfüllt seine Zweck als Konservervierungsstoff und bin zufrieden.

12 March 2020 14:04

Review with rating of 5 out of 5 stars

Benutze die Zapfen in meinem Garnelenbecken

Die Garnelen mögen die Zapfen

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