Zuebi - Grower-Bits with Spirulina and Krill

Robert Guggenbuehl’s Top Aquaristics Grower-Bits with Spirulina and Krill

General information

Robert Guggenbuehl (Honorary President of Aquaria St. Gallen, Chairman of DCG Switzerland) wrote following report upon the introduction of grower-bits:

“First of all, a sincere thank you to all our loyal customers buying the approved grower-flakes. The quality of our fish food has gotten around. The clientele of pet shops and breeders of ornamental fish is becoming bigger every day. The end customers are nearly always giving us a positive feedback. Sometimes, it takes a little time until fish get accustomed to this food and start to eat it greedily. We do not use any artificial flavourings.

The large success of the flake has encouraged us to produce an extrudate in the form of bits (approx. 1.5 × 0.5 mm) now. Again, we are working together with the approved animal food producer Interquell. The bitshave a slightly higher protein- and fat content and are therefore very suitable for growing fish. A real novelty of the extrudate is the addition of a little amount of cocoa. The enclosed product brochure displays the entire the high-quality ingredients to you, as already done before with the flake. The quality criteria apply to both products.”

Different protein supplies (fish meal, krill, spirulina, yeast, etc.) promise good growth. The addition of the colour enhancer Canthaxanthin results in a clearly intensified colouration of the red, yellow, green and blue pigments of your fish.


Food type Nature-identical main food for all ornamental fish in tanks
Target group Slowly sinking special food for warm water fish
Conservation form, heating conditions Bits extruded (approx. 1.5 x 0.5 mm)
Producer Interquell
Minimum durability 24 months after production, in sealed packages up to 36 months
Ingredients (in decreasing weight proportion) fish meal, wheat flour, greaves, soya meal, spirulina (5 %), shrimps, dried yeast, krill meal (0,5 %), spinach, green flour, herb mixture, cocoa
Packed weight approx. 450 - 480 g/l
Manufacturer Reg. No. DE-BY-1-00078

Ingredients and additives

Crude protein 48.0 %
Crude fat 8.0 %
Crude fibre 4.0 %
Crude ash 10.5 %
Vitamin A 30,000 I.E./kg
Vitamin D3 2,000 I.E./kg
Vitamin E 300 mg/kg
Vitamin C, stabilized 150 mg/kg
Calcium 1.8 %
Phosphate, calculated as phosphor 1.2 %
Sodium 0.4 %
Lysine 3.0 %
Carotene colorant: Astaxanthine 200 mg/kg


Sprinkle small amounts onto water daily, do not use too much.

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29 October 2016 09:27

Sehr gut...

Sehr gut

13 April 2013 14:08

Die Qualität ist spitze...

Die Qualität ist spitze

29 May 2020 07:12

Bei meinen Malawis sehr belieb...

Bei meinen Malawis sehr beliebt.

12 June 2005 21:21

Wurde sogar von meinen Diskus ...

Wurde sogar von meinen Diskus ohne zu Zögern sofort gefressen.

13 April 2013 17:46

Als Abwechslung zu den Züflo´s...

Als Abwechslung zu den Züflo´s bei großen und kleinen Fischen sehr willkommen.

4 June 2020 08:46

Meine Fische mögen es besonder...

Meine Fische mögen es besonders die Sterbai

28 April 2006 21:35

Vorab: Ich halte Schneckenbunt...

Vorab: Ich halte Schneckenbuntbarsche aus dem Tanganjikasee. Die Tiere fressen die Zübi begierig. Für diese kleinen Fische ist es jedoch sinnvoll, die Bits mit dem Mörser etwas vorzubehandeln, weil die Körnung sonst zu groß ist. Die Feinstbestandteile werden von Jungfischen ebenfalls gut angenommen.

23 April 2013 08:31

sehr gutes Grundfutter, wird v...

sehr gutes Grundfutter, wird von Salmlern, Barschen und Welsen gerne gefressen, alles Deklariert und keine Chemie

11 September 2020 13:09

Sehr gute Qualität

Meine Garnelen und Krebse mögen es - bringt Abwechsung :-)

29 October 2016 09:27

Sehr gut...

Sehr gut


Measuring spoon small not graduated 60 mm long
Measuring spoon 0.1 or 0.3 ml not graduated 60 mm long for example to measure and dispense small amounts of fertilizer or water hardener

From €0.69*

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