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The Tropical almond tree (Terminalia catappa L.) or also Ketapang resp. Indian Almond grows in nearly all tropical areas around the world. The tree is salt-tolerant and therefore cultivated as a sun shade on beaches. Its area of natural growth spreads from Madagascar to India and as far as the Fiji-, Ryukyu- and Bonin-islands.
Systematically, the sea almond belongs to the Combretaceae family. These are actually wood plants of the tropics or sub-tropics, a few are liana (spreading climbers). The flower is small and un-conspicuous. Fruits, especially the littoral species, are spread by water, its swimming ability is because of an air-rich Pericarp, and there is also the samara type.
The fruits of the Indian almond Catappa tree have a kind of almond odour and because of this they are willingly eaten.
Another well known member of this family is the white mangrove (Lagencularia racemosa).


The agents in the leaves (et al. tanning agents) have a mildly disinfectant and fungicide effect. On its home ground the leaf brew is also employed to treat people that have colic and sickness.On its home ground the leaf brew is also employed to treat people that have colic and sickness.
Therefore, this plant can also be used preventively e.g. against fungi growing on the spawn, but also for the treatment and prophylaxis of finrot and mucosa problems.

The pH-value only drops insignificantly, the overall salinity (conductance) only increases marginally.
Within a short time, the water becomes amber-colored, but remains crystal-clear.


Use 2 - 3 large or 4 - 5 small leaves for 100 l water.
Simply place a leave on the water surface. After 1 - 2 days, the leaves are soaked with water and sink. Apart from their positive effect, they are also a vision of delight in a semi-natural tank.
After 2 - 3 weeks their effectivity fades and they may be exchanged. Loricariides, shrimps and crustaceans will welcome the steeped leaves as an alternative meal.


So best is to dry the leaves and store them in an airy place protected from light

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30 August 2006 20:05

Schnelle Lieferung ! Meine Kra...

Schnelle Lieferung ! Meine Krabben lieben diese Blätter ! Sie in der Qualität 1A

6 February 2013 08:59

Seemandelbaumblätte eben :-)...

Seemandelbaumblätte eben :-)

16 February 2013 23:04

Super Qualität...

Super Qualität

18 February 2013 09:10

Für Garnelen und Wasserwerte !...

Für Garnelen und Wasserwerte !

5 March 2013 08:26

Gutes Produkt...

Gutes Produkt

2 April 2013 11:29

Schon lange gute Erfahrung mit...

Schon lange gute Erfahrung mit dem Produkt. Die Fische fühlen sich so in meinem sonst eher harten Wasser wohler.

11 April 2013 17:09

Top Qualität zum fairen Preis...

Top Qualität zum fairen Preis

24 April 2013 07:43

verbessert die Wasserqualität ...

verbessert die Wasserqualität hilft Krankheiten vorzubeugen empfehlenswert bei Südamerikabecken, speziell bei Zwergbuntbarschen dient gleichzeitig als Versteck

24 April 2017 11:38

Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverh...

Sehr gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Ansonsten sollte man halt wissen, warum man Seemandelbaumblätter kauft ;-)

22 June 2020 18:21

Sehr gute Qualität

Verändert sehr positiv das Wasser

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