Sealutions Sulphur Pearls

Reduce nitrate concentration in marine aquarium

Sealutions sulphur pearls are intended for use in sulphur-nitrate filters. They are simultaneously a substrate and food source for sulphur bacteria (Thiobacillus denitrificans). These heteroautotrophic bacteria use the energy released by the oxidation of elemental sulphur by nitrate in order to generate organic materials from CO2 and water as plants do. Nitrate is reduced to elemental nitrogen gas, and the sulphur is oxidised to unproblematic sulphate. Because acid is produced in the process, the pH values and the carbonate hardness must be regularly monitored. We therefore recommend connecting a filter container with calcium carbonate granules directly downstream of the nitrate filter.

Due to the bacterial activity, the sulphur is consumed in relation to the amount of nitrate removed and must therefore be regularly replenished.

Only for use in slow running anaerobic filters for nitrate reduction. When using, please note the instructions of the filter manufacturer.

Suitable for fresh and mainly seawater. Made of 99.9 % pure sulphur. No tendency to clog the filling because of the large size of the sulphur pearls of 2 - 8 mm. 1.2 kg correspond to approx. 1.0 litres of sulphur granulate.

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