Sealutions Origin - Complete +5 coral

The automatic nutrient source for the complete nutrient supply of a reef tank with demanding and fast-growing corals

Our solution for the automated, controlled and precise addition of all nutrients in the seawater aquarium without the need to purchase an expensive and vulnerable electromechanical dosing pump.

DRAK Sealutions Origin - Complete +5 Korall makes it possible for the first time to dose all nutrients evenly in combination in seawater aquariums. Safe dosing with just one product. Complete +5 Korall was specially developed for demanding and fast-growing corals and provides your aquarium, in which the reef plays the main role, with all the important substances for 2 months.

All DRAK Sealutions Origin - Complete products are divided into 2 phases to optimally meet the nutrient requirements of your marine aquarium in the long term. After one month, simply add the mesh bag labelled Phase 2.
A saltwater aquarium requires all the nutrients it needs in exactly the right quantities. Achieve the highest level of precision and support with DRAK Sealutions Origin - Complete.

The innovative Aquafim® material system in the mesh bag ensures that all the substances it contains are released evenly over the guaranteed period of 2 months.

Release time: 2 months
Recommended for pools from 80 litres to 250 litres

For larger tanks, simply use the appropriate number of mesh bags.
Place in the filter/technical tank or in another location with a good flow of water.
Rinse briefly with running water before first use.

The formula is chelator-free.

The DRAK Sealutions Origin - individual nutrients (Ca, I, Mg, Sr, TE) were developed for individual nutrient requirements.

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