Sealutions coral glue rapido

One of the best coral glues that one can buy right now:

  • Hardens extremely quickly - of course also under water
  • Completely non-toxic - no epoxy resin, but rather silicone-based
  • Can be worked using bare fingers
  • Easy to knead, since very soft
  • No turbidity in the basin, no release of (harmful) substances into the water
  • Consistency of hard rubber after hardening (Shore hardness > 90)
  • Very economical


To activate the glue, two equal-sized portions of both components (equating to proportions of 1:1) are mixed together and thoroughly kneaded for 20 seconds. After this, there is a processing period of one minute, during which time the coral glue can be shaped as desired and affixed to the appropriate point. Please fix it for another 60 seconds until it is hard. And you're done!

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