Riffaquaristik für Einsteiger / Daniel Knop

Inexpensive technology - easy to maintain

Attention: English description for the German edition!

  • Hardback edition
  • 328 pages
  • approx. 550 colour photos
  • Dähne publishing house GmbH
  • 8th edition (2015)
  • Size: 24 × 2.1 × 17.5 cm

We admire the lively and colourful reef aquariums and fear that they are complicated and expensive. Wrongly so, as the well-known expert Daniel Knop proves here. He shows beginners how to set up a fascinating and inexpensive reef aquarium with little technical effort and little previous knowledge.

Easy-to-care-for and demanding corals and fish that are particularly suitable for beginners are suggested. Expert advice is given on the purchase of technical accessories and the setting up of the aquarium is described step by step.

For the 8th edition of this standard work, the content of the entire book has been completely revised and expanded in many areas. Many new corals that are now easy to care for have been added, and the latest helpful techniques that are now available on the market are also explained in detail. In addition, the entire work has been provided with attractive new photos that will give the reader plenty of inspiration.

The 8th edition has been significantly expanded (by more than 100 pages) and brought up to date.

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