pico cube aquamax in black or white

A complete set for fascinating underwater landscapes on an area of only 8 × 8 cm. Ideal for the desk, the children's room, for aquascaping, photography or as an original gift idea.


  • pico cube (black or white)
  • Cover / lower part
  • Aquarium gravel / Decorative stones
  • cinnamon bark

You need

  • Aquatic plants, such as Liver Moss (Riccia fluitans)
  • Normal tap water
  • Natural or artificial light (e.g. an LED light)

Water fleas (daphnia), for example, are suitable for a little more life and exercise in your pico cube.

The pico cubes are not suitable for keeping fish or invertebrates such as shrimps or crabs!


Fill the pico cube with gravel and decorative material (included in delivery) and fill up with normal tap water. Decorate as desired with small aquatic plants and aquatic mosses. We recommend placing the pico cube in a bright place, but avoid direct sunlight or place the pico cube under an artificial light source such as an LED desk light. The enclosed lid can be used as a base or stand. Refill or change the water regularly.

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