Nutridrakon - Trace nutrients

Micro-nutrients for the elimination of hidden nutrient deficiencies

Essential and beneficial trace elements available ex- or including manganese

Deficiency symptoms, crippling or growth stagnation of aquatic plants despite full fertilisation with micro- and macronutrients can possibly be caused by the lack of certain trace nutrients. Often not all species are affected, as competing species perform differently in the struggle for nutrients.
Unfortunately, analytical methods are of little help here, because only highly specialised laboratories could determine these substances quantitatively, but one cannot find any clues at all in the literature about the target quantity of these substances in aquatic plants.

Nutridrakon and Nutridrakon Mn provide a balanced mixture of these substances which are immediately available to the plants. For stabilization, we therefore use the easily degradable stabilizers IDHA or natural tartaric acid for storage in the retail container.

The addition of Nutridrakon is therefore always worth a try in the above-mentioned cases, especially since no negative effects are to be expected as long as the recommended amount to be added is not really drastically exceeded.


Biodegradable stabilizers tartaric acid and/or IDHA - iron-free
(IDHA,) tartaric acid, 1750 mg/l fulvic acids, methyl paraben, 500 mg/l boron, 240 mg/l zinc, 200 mg/l humic acids, 120 mg/l copper, 120 mg/l molybdenum, 40 mg/l nickel, 20 mg/l cobalt, 20 mg/l lithium, 20 mg/l tin, 12 mg/l aluminium, 8 mg/l chromium, 8 mg/l vanadium

Nutridrakon Mn

Additional 2000 mg/l manganese


Max. 1 - 2 ml per 100 l water daily

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Programmable single-channel dispenser pump SD-01M
Programmable single-channel dispenser pump SD-01M (peristaltic pump) / 1 - 99 ml per dosing pulse / digital display


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