Faszination Bienengarnelen / Logemann · Lukhaup

Attention: English description for the German edition!

  • Hardback edition
  • 96 pages
  • 250 colour photos
  • Dähne publishing house GmbH
  • 1st edition (2009)
  • Size: 29,1 × 1,1 × 22 cm

From the foreword:

"Today the bee shrimp is one of the best known and most popular shrimp species in the aquarium hobby and a real eye-catcher with its many different colour forms. Breeders, especially in Japan, have only been working intensively with these animals for a relatively short time and have already bred an amazing array of colours. We are also addicted to these little crawlers and would like to share our enthusiasm for these animals with our readers in this book.

That is why we have not written a strictly technical book. A large number of different works have already been written in this field in recent years and we have already made a contribution in this direction with our Garnelen-Fibel. This fan book is therefore simply intended to provide a little more background knowledge about bee shrimps, pass on good practical tips for breeding and, above all, whet the appetite for a wonderful hobby with lots of pictures."

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