Das Meerwasseraquarium / Dr. Dieter Brockmann

From planning to successful maintenance

Attention: English description for the German edition!

  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Natur und Tier-Verlag
  • 13th expanded and revised edition (01/2023)
  • Size: 23.2 × 17.7 × 1.6 cm

A coral reef in your own home - who wouldn't want to fulfil this dream? This fantastically illustrated guide is an excellent guide to setting up and running a functioning marine aquarium. The basics are explained step by step in a practical and clear manner. Of course, there are also portraits of the most suitable and most popular fish and invertebrates for the miniature reef - all in all, the complete and indispensable guide for the marine aquarist!

In this practical guide, Dr Dieter Brockmann provides everything you need to know about marine aquariums and clearly explains how to set up and run a modern reef aquarium successfully. Of course, the author also goes into detail about the inhabitants of the aquarium and presents the most suitable fish and invertebrates in words and pictures.

Back cover text

This book serves as a guide to setting up and running a functioning marine aquarium system. It also conveys the fascination and diversity of marine aquariums and awakens enthusiasm for this branch of vivaristics.

From the contents

  • The coral reef in nature and in the aquarium
  • the marine aquarium and its basic technical equipment
  • the preparation of seawater, the most important water parameters, their control and maintenance
  • setting up and starting up a seawater aquarium
  • the first fish and invertebrates for a saltwater aquarium, acclimatisation and feeding

The author

Dieter Brockmann, born in 1955, holds a doctorate in biochemistry and is editor of the marine aquarium specialist magazine KORALLE. He has been intensively involved in the field of marine aquaristics for more than 30 years and is a renowned expert in this field.

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