Clay igloo 'Coco'

For dwarf cichlids or small loricariids

Heigth: approx. 4.5 cm
Diameter: approx. 9 cm
Shape: oblate igloo / coconut

With this cave you offer your dwarf cichlids (e.g. Apistogramma sp.) an excellent hiding and dwelling possibility. Some of our customers already successfully use the "igloo" for breeding dwarf cichlids, catfish and crustaceans. The coconut-shaped and hand-made caves are quickly and easily accepted by the animals. They are modelled on the natural habitats and it is also possible to imitate the natural environment even better by using aquatic plants and mosses.

All sizes are approximate, as clay changes differently during the drying and firing phases, which can lead to smaller deviations. Thus you receive a handmade unique specimen.

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30 November 2009 17:59

Was kann man gr0ß schreiben. M...

Was kann man gr0ß schreiben. Meine Apistogramma borelli scheinen diese Höhlen zu mögen. Sie sind sehr gut verarbeitet ohne scharfen Kanten und nicht zu Groß Kurz um eine echte ZBB Höhle

12 September 2013 14:41

Tonhöhle ist so angekommen wie...

Tonhöhle ist so angekommen wie beschrieben und im AQ eingesetzt

26 August 2022 08:17

Schöner Iglu

Sogar meine Schnecken finden ihn toll

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