Buckelkopf-Cichliden / Anton Lamboj


Attention: English description for the German edition!

  • Softcover
  • 64 pages
  • numerous colour photos
  • Nature and Animal Publishing House
  • 1st edition (03/2020)
  • Size: 21 × 14.9 × 0.5 cm

In recent years, the humphead cichlids of the genus Steatocranus from the Congo have enjoyed steadily increasing popularity, while at the same time some very interesting new species have been discovered and introduced to the aquarium hobby. Although these cichlids are not really colourful - quite the opposite - they are captivating and fascinating primarily due to their mostly impressive physiognomy, i.e. their external appearance, especially in males.
Their flow-loving lifestyle and the resulting adaptations also make them interesting fish to keep. At the same time, Steatocranus species remain small or grow to medium size at most. In the aquarium, the males of the smallest species grow to around 7 cm and those of the largest to around 15 cm. Normally, they do not make any particular demands on water hardness and pH value; they are therefore usually species that even beginners can breed successfully.

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